They Passed On Me: Adrien Lamont takes the game for ransom on Godfidence

Taken off his latest 10-track Not for Nothing album, Adrien Lamont shows us how that never-give-up mentality is so important so that you can do anything you set your mind to despite the odds on Godfidence.

Adrien Lamont is an LA-based indie hip hop artist who loves to blend in the hardcore combo of gangsta rap and soulfully healing gospel enlightenment.

An unbelievable story from growing up in a middle class home, his family losing everything, gang violence, suffering from schizophrenia, finding faith, surviving near-death experiences, and finally finding his unique place in music.” ~ Adrien Lamont

Dropping a scorching hot track that might leave a burn on your fingers if not used properly, Adrien Lamont guides us through his life and shows us how to succeed. Keeping it raw and always real, fueling our souls with something heavy but never too overpowering to process.

Godfidence from LA-based indie hip hop artist Adrien Lamont is a doubt-swatting track for anything who thought it was impossible to reach your dreams. Rapped in a dynamic style that shall get your head nodding like you just won the lotto, this is that sizzling song you needed to hear right now to see that the underground is alive and well.

If you look into the mirror and know that you can win, anything is possible.

Listen up to this single on Spotify and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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