There Won’t Be A Next Time: Energetic Birmingham band By Devices return with the dynamic new track ‘Sink so Low’

Bringing us their spirited story that propels you to plunge your teeth powerfully into, By Devices are at their loudest with their new single all about wondering how someone could ‘Sink so Low‘.

By Devices is a venom-filled Birmingham, UK-based 5-piece rock band. They are highly skilled at hammering our speakers to maximum impact and undoubtedly catch your engagement with their barraging style.

Transmitting their well-constructed story through their heart-stopping energy that is compellingly unrelenting the whole way through, By Devices expertly switch our moods from a frown into a reflective ponder. They bring us a high-energy performance that has you imagining them on the biggest festival stages in full flight.

Sink so Low‘ from experienced Birmingham, UK-based 5-piece rock act By Devices, is an intense effort from a band who have seen it all. This is the story about being disappointed and expressing that emotion, as a path moved into a different place than you previously expected by seeing something transpire that was thought unfathomable before. Sung with breathless stamina and executed with bone-rattling energy, this is a song to put on when you feel like venting out your feelings to clear your head.

Hear this pulsating new single on Spotify and see their stories on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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