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Coming Up Milhouse’s debut single, Not Over You, is a riot of candied curveballs

Even though the track title leaves little room for guesswork in regards to the sentiments that flow through the swoonsomely crooned pop hit, the debut single, Not Over You, from Coming Up Milhouse, is a riot of candied curveballs.

With vocal lines that could tender the heartstrings of Elliott Smith, synths that create an odyssey of retro mutant pop in the same vein of Trudy and the Romance, and indie jangle pop melodies which add to the trending trajectory which spawned from revivalists such as the Midnight, Not Over You is a debut which plateaus above indie landfill releases.

The self-described soft boy indie rockers from Birmingham know just where to find the sweet spot when balancing lyrical melancholia and earwormy indie hooks.

Not Over You was officially released on May 5; hear it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Somebody is Waiting: HYPER CLASH reminds us of the possibilities on Everywhere I look there’s Angels

Urging us all to keep searching for cloud 9 no matter the windy weather, HYPER CLASH leads the way and shows us where the positive energy is on the terrific new single to heal with, Everywhere I look there’s Angels.

Bren Curran aka HYPER CLASH is a Hollywood, Birmingham, UK-based indie singer-songwriter who has a raw schizophrenic musical tendency electro sound.

I wrote this track after my son split from his first girlfriend ( She ended it after they both went to different Uni’s this year) He was clearly heartbroken and I was useless… I didn’t have any words of comfort other than ‘ I am here for you’…It bothered me that I fell so short…so I wrote down all the words of comfort that were passed my way from the wiser generation before… some might seem old-fashioned… but all come from the heart.” ~ Bren Curran

Scintillating from each angle and showing such strength and skill, HYPER CLASH is rather ear-soothing on this wonderful song with soul. Alleviating all worries and reminding us that the light at the end of the tunnel is close, we are treated to a superb soundtrack made with love and care.

Everywhere I look there’s Angels from Birmingham, UK-based indie singer-songwriter HYPER CLASH is a rather splendid single which will settle the nerves and simmer all apprehensions away. Guiding us to the daybreak and hiding the darkness away, with a leader mentality and changing moods, into a striking story which so many of us have sadly felt before.

Even if it’s raining right now, the sun with come out to play again.

Hear this new song on SoundCloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Andrew Ramey sips on the good stuff with a special heart in marbella

With a reenergized intro right out of a Fast & Furious movie, Andrew Ramey drops the most romantic single likely to enter any awaiting ears this year with the sultry new single to hold hands with called marbella.

Andrew Ramey is a 26-year-old self-taught Birmingham, Alabama-based indie hip-hop artist, sound engineer and music producer.

His music career began in 2017 when his cover of Post Malone’s ” ’92 explorer” and blackbear’s “I miss the old you” blew up, gaining almost half a million views on SoundCloud. In 2021, Ramey built a home studio and began to apply pressure to his music career.” ~ Andrew Ramey

Showing us where the class is, Andrew Ramey reminds many of his undoubted brilliance with a truly exceptional performance to savour for all its brilliance at every turn.

marbella from Birmingham, Alabama-based multi-talented Andrew Ramey is a crisp track which will calm many thirsty lips. Loaded with an incredibly romantic vibrancy which will fill the glass all night, this is the kind of song to put on when the memories of a heart-soaring romantic float into the mind late at night.

When you have a good memory, it’s best to keep it.

Hear this new tune on Spotify. Check out the IG page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

They Depending On Me: Christopher The Grey drops an all-pro track called Can You Hustle

Can You Hustle by Christopher the Grey

Wondering where the true hard-working cats are in this rather peculiar world, Christopher The Grey slams those doubters away with a truly enormous effort called Can You Hustle.

Christopher The Grey is a Birmingham, Alabama-based indie hip-hop artist who shows us that proper work is the only way to provide for those who mean the most.

Christopher has witnessed all manner of artistic waves within the ever-changing music scene. As a result, his versatility and ability to adapt consistently allow him to break through with style and authenticity.” ~ Christopher The Grey

Palpitating with assertiveness and brimming with so much confidence while never letting go for a second, Christopher The Grey soars with much muscle and teaches us the real meaning of hustle. Never buckling and always raising the standard, we find a speaker buster to knock those cobwebs off.

Can You Hustle from Birmingham, Alabama-based indie hip-hop artist Christopher The Grey is an influential single which will take many on an old-school train of real might. Lyrically dominant and soaked in so many hardcore bars, this is a study effort to get our ears in tune again.

If you want it enough, anything is possible.

Hear this top song on Bandcamp. View more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Nathan Maurice drops stunning new instrumental single Amore Mio

With a love theme to remember fondly forever and a day, Nathan Maurice shall take all apprehensions away in an instant with the fine new single called Amore Mio.

Nathan Maurice is a Birmingham, UK-based indie classical music composer and producer who seems to effortlessly drift in with class and grace on each track.

He has been writing and recording music for over 10 years, working in a range of genres; from Hardcore and Experimental Punk bands to Dubstep and house music, as well as Classical and Ambient music.” ~ Nathan Maurice

Sizzling with tranquility and elegance within, Nathan Maurice reveals to us the way to brushing away all worries with a quite tremendous performance from the UK native. Drenched in kindness and filled with love, this is a track to play loud when the world gets a bit too much sometimes.

Amore Mio from Birmingham, UK-based indie classical music composer and producer Nathan Maurice is a lovely experience which shall take many breaths for a calming flight. Soaked in so much goodness and imagination, we find an anthem for anyone who needs some peace and quiet.

Listen up to this song on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Working All Week: Khema Tempo waits for that call on the body-grooving Can’t Get Enough

After his proud city recently hosted the Commonwealth Games so terrifically, Khema Tempo has dropped a powerful track to show that we can easily overcome our differences on their explosive 2nd single called Can’t Get Enough.

Khema Tempo is a mysterious mask-wearing Birmingham, UK-based indie electronic dance duo who formed in 2019 by Mush and Nanti.

We met in our teens and spent the following years in and out of bands together, mostly writing and performing progressive rock.” ~ Mush and Nanti describing their connection

Showing us the right way to tackle any situation full on, Khema Tempo leads us bravely to that safe light which shall set free the demons forever. Performed with quality precision and expert timing, this is an ear-puller when you needed it most.

Can’t Get Enough from Birmingham, UK-based indie electronic dance act Khema Tempo is an anthem-like song for the ages that calls us to be better. Brushing away the tears and showing us what is possible seems to be this beautiful mission that might make your heart beat faster than before.

If you are looking for a natural boost to get you gritting your teeth into tackling your next challenge, this is it.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Birmingham’s The Vista go back to their roots on the inspiring rock anthem, ‘Landscapes’

Knowing that those familiar hills will take them home again to that beautiful place that is somewhat comforting, The Vista sends us into a reflective spin with their latest single that might shake your spirit awake via the ‘Landscapes‘.

The Vista is a Birmingham, UK-based 4-piece indie-rock act who show us via their 4th single, that they are a band on a mission to reach the mountain top no matter what.

Hitting hard with similar vibes to their debut release, ‘Jump Into The River’, the return to true indie is a message of intent when it comes to where the band’s sound is headed. One of the first songs written by the band, the track creates strong imagery of the need to get back to familiarity in your home town and back to your loved ones when you’ve been away for too long.” ~ The Vista

With an enthused vibrancy and an extra edge that has you nodding your head at this fiery new track, The Vista shows us what underground rock sounds like in 2022 with a supreme performance of monumental proportions. The sound is clean and the energy high, as we are placed in a time where the home is needed again, to get away from a place that you don’t wish to be in anymore due to its surreal energy.

Landscapes‘ from Birmingham, UK-based 4-piece indie-rock band The Vista is a catchy single that has you thinking back to your own motherland and all its friendly smells and formerly acquainted roads. They perform with such wonderful electricity that shocks you back into place, as we are entertained by a ravenous crew who are only headed exactly where they want to go if they want it enough.

Sometimes you just need to turn back for a while, to truly go forward in life.

Listen up to this sterling new single on Spotify and check out their IG page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Collie Wattz asks us to honk if you love Jesus on the Lo-fi single to turn up loud, ‘John Brown’

Released via his debut 5-track EP named ‘Down South‘, Collie Wattz tells us the story that so many understand rather deeply right now as the world appears to burn down but the Preacher man keeps trying to teach no matter what on, ‘John Brown‘.

Collie Wattz is a Birmingham, Alabama-born indie Lo-fi-Folk/Electronica Swamp-Pop solo singer-songwriter who is a creative soul who loves to push the boundaries on what is possible.

He spent his youth living all across the United States. From Southern California to the crystal clear beaches of Destin, Florida. He spent his teens and 20’s exploring his musical roots creating resulting in his own unique sound.” ~ Collie Wattz

Reminding us that no good comes out of watching television all day and catching up on all the madness unfolding, Collie Wattz depicts that vital belief that shall help us all come through with a big smile, no matter what carnage is brewing like a percolated volcano.

John Brown‘ from Birmingham, Alabama-born indie Lo-fi-Folk/Electronica Swamp-Pop solo singer-songwriter Collie Wattz is a funky track that should entertain and also get you into a present headspace, to conquer whatever fears you have inside your head right now. Performed with a terrific style and oozing introspection, this is a single to lather all your senses inside and take heed of.

The world is falling over but if you keep your faith strong, anything is possible.

Stream the track on Spotify and check out the IG page for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Alabama rapper LF Nosha only wants to wrap up his bag on ‘No Company’

Following on from his debut project ‘L.v.M‘ that dropped in 2021, LF Nosha raps to the ladies about not being interested in anything romantic that isn’t on his own terms with, ‘No Company‘.

LF Nosha is an underground Birmingham, Alabama-based indie Hip hop artist who has been steadily building a loyal following since he first emerged in the rap scene last year.

Cruising in with a quick-fire flow that shows you into his life in the hardcore streets as a motivated entrepreneur, LF Nosha is hiding the bag from anyone who wishes to get their claws on the treasure that he has been carefully growing. There is a menace in his rhymes that shows the lengths he will go to protect what is his, in a world where your jewels can get swiped if you close your eyes at the wrong time.

No Company‘ from Birmingham, Alabama-based indie Hip hop artist LF Nosha, is a paper stacked music video from a hungry young man who isn’t going to be tied up in the romantic drama that can sap his strength and your bank balance. The rugged raps and big smiles tell you everything, as he slams down hard with the truth about his current mentality. Gaining those riches with his crew is the only thing on his mind, as he looks to carve out his piece of the very big pie available.

See this humming video on YouTube and find out more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Birmingham’s Cage Park navigate life through those comforting cartoons on ‘Hand Me Downs’

Blessing us with the lead track from their brand new EP which dropped on the 8th of April, Cage Park knows that they need to move into adulthood but aren’t quite ready just yet on their epic new single, ‘Hand Me Downs‘.

Formally known to the world as FLARES, Cage Park is a fantastically raw Birmingham, UK post-punk 4-piece band who met while at school and their friendship has only gotten stronger since.

With a new name due to a pesky copyright dispute, Cage Park roar like hungry Lions and show us that they are here to stay. ‘Hand Me Downs‘ is a simply excellent single that will have you dusting off your guitar, to get into the mood as you are inspired by these young artists who seem to have that extra edge that is so easy to hear. They pulsate to perfect effect here, as you close your eyes and imagine them on the biggest stages of them all.

Hand Me Downs‘ from Birmingham, UK post-punk 4-piece band Cage Park is one of the best underground tracks you might hear today. They have such a gritty style that is properly likeable – with two vocalists who combine superbly together – as we hear a gripping style delightfully mixing into our awaiting ears. They might not be ready for some things in life (which are dull anyway) but are certainly ready for the big time.

UK’s next huge band could be right here amongst us already if they want it enough.

Listen up to a band you won’t be able to forget on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen