The Truth: Oceans Of Tears shows us what is really going on with ‘All The Children Are Dying’

With a heavy feel that has you feeling numb and rather emotional, Oceans Of Tears open the damaged door to what they see and hear around them, on a track that only those with a strong stomach should see called ‘All The Children Are Dying’.

Oceans of Tears is a music collective and the creation of Toronto, Canada-based Steve W. Boily from Les productions Alaska Productions, who loves to make rock and children’s musicals, songs and also videos.

He formulates that real type of music which has your heart beating extra fast and hoping that the world may find peace rather than carry on with these senseless actions.

”This track, performed by SHAWN, has three important themes and scenes. In scene one, the song tells the story of “Snowbabies”, children who are born already hooked on crack/cocaine because of their addicted and pregnant mothers. During the next scene, the song speaks about children & youth who are used as drug-runners in street gangs of U.S. cities. Finally, scene three shows children in third world, war torn countries, forced to take arms, to kill and maim other kids, women, and men, who oppose this tyrants’ rule.” – Oceans of Tears

This is the story about saving the children from this terrible pandemic of life being lost for no reason, as they follow fake leaders blindly and lose their lives for no reason at all. The rock influence shakes through the roof, as they let remind us what is going on all over the world right now.

All The Children Are Dying‘ from Oceans Of Tears, delves right in where others walk around. The streets are littered with these sad and inexcusable moments, which needs to be fixed so that the innocent children may live a life that is fruitful, full of wonder, peace and love. Just the way it should be.

Stream this striking video on YouTube and see more release news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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