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Dreading The Call: Oceans Of Tears tells the tragic story of that heart-pounding conversation on ‘Drowned In A Sea Of Tears Remix’ (feat. Nick Preymay Jr)

As he sings with that pain-filled voice which feels each moment of this dire situation, Oceans Of Tears recalls the night when the youngest son was sadly taken away too soon with ‘Drowned In A Sea Of Tears Remix(feat. Nick Preymay Jr).

Oceans Of Tears is the creation of Toronto, Ontario, Canada-based indie pop/rock artist Steve W. Boily. He develops rock and children’s musicals, songs and videos, with his 80’s and 90’s inspired music created to add depth to a world that can appear to be so shallow at times.

It is 1 of 14 songs as part of a semi-autobiographical part live rock musical concert / part stage play written by him titled “DROWNED IN A SEA OF TEARS”. This is the track that started it all. It is performed by SHAWN, the main character of the musical which shows the pain and guilt he feels when he finds out that his brother Mike had been just killed in a car crash where drugs and alcohol were involved, leaving behind a young girls and boy who would never know their dad. He feels responsible for his brother’s death and must now contact his mom and dad to let them know of their son’s tragic death.” ~ Steve W. Boily

Sung with a really passionate tone and packed with a rainy ambiance that might have you shedding a small tear, this is an emotional single that has you thinking about those who are sadly no longer with us. The stormy roads have been cruel and unkind – as you look outside the window – to remember their memory, to try and only think of the good times.

Drowned In A Sea Of Tears Remix(feat. Nick Preymay Jr) from the Canada-based indie rock artist Oceans Of Tears, is a really sad story that is made with a nostalgic feel you can’t get out of your mind. The earth can be unkind sometimes and sweet souls who are gone should still be around, as we search for answers that might unfortunately elude us forever.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Forget About Problems: Canada’s Oceans Of Tears gets away from all the heartbreak with ‘Going To The Islands’

On a rustic reggae beat that is so intimately memorable, Oceans Of Tears tearfully jets from home to swim away the sad memories and start fresh again with ‘Going To The Islands‘.

Steve W. Boily aka Oceans Of Tears, is an experienced Toronto, Ontario, Canada-based indie artist who develops rock and children’s musicals, songs and videos. He brings a knowledgeable aura to proceedings with his electric style.

The artist was grieving when he thought of penning down his thoughts as a way to cope. He needed to deal with his brother Mike’s sad demise, who passed away in a horrific car accident. “My brother was killed in a car crash many years ago while driving with his buddies a little high on pot and beer, leaving behind a young girl and boy who will never know their dad.” The artist states that the musical is semi-autobiographical and talks about sensitive parts of his life after his brother’s death, the grief, the pain, sense of loss and guilt.” – Oceans Of Tears

You feel his 80’s and 90’s influence deep intertwined into his music, as he sings with such a mellow style that has you deeply entrenched into each word. Each lyric has been carefully penned, the vocals are so real and strike suddenly into your heart, to unearth so many memories.

Taken off his new rock musical, ‘Drowned In A Sea of Tears‘, which is a semi-autobiographical, part stage play that is full of themes, that most artists stay away from.

The productions need to be “provocative” and can sometimes even leave viewers feeling “heavy” and “uncomfortable”. However, the music is sure to get their hearts pumping, minds thinking, and feet stomping.” – Oceans Of Tears

Going To The Islands‘ from the well-known Oceans Of Tears, is one of the most honest and catchy songs you will hear all year. The subject is so sad however, and you feel like this is such a honest portrayal of ones feelings after such a horrific loss. A brave single that showcases his growing multi-genre ability and is one to sit down with – as you have a cold one with pleasing views to take your mind off things – to reflect your own emotions, during all this current turmoil outside.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

OCEANS OF TEARS have released their locked and loaded single, ‘Bullet in a Gun’.

Escape 2021 and catapult yourself back to the 80s with OCEANS OF TEARS semi-autobiographical rock opera single, ‘Bullet in a Gun’. If you need more music in your arsenal that speaks to you on an evocative level as well as an anthemic one, you will want to make Bullet in a Gun a playlist staple.

Their forbiddingly electrifying single starts with synth-driven discord that sets a B-movie-style macabre tone before the lyrics start to subversively find the parables between carrying around a loaded gun and drink-driving. While many rock acts rush to clamour about reckless hedonism, OCEANS OF TEARS artfully vent the broiling rage towards self-centric and self-destructive behaviour. That’s definitely a trend that I’m on board with.

Bullet in a Gun is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

The Truth: Oceans Of Tears shows us what is really going on with ‘All The Children Are Dying’

With a heavy feel that has you feeling numb and rather emotional, Oceans Of Tears open the damaged door to what they see and hear around them, on a track that only those with a strong stomach should see called ‘All The Children Are Dying’.

Oceans of Tears is a music collective and the creation of Toronto, Canada-based Steve W. Boily from Les productions Alaska Productions, who loves to make rock and children’s musicals, songs and also videos.

He formulates that real type of music which has your heart beating extra fast and hoping that the world may find peace rather than carry on with these senseless actions.

”This track, performed by SHAWN, has three important themes and scenes. In scene one, the song tells the story of “Snowbabies”, children who are born already hooked on crack/cocaine because of their addicted and pregnant mothers. During the next scene, the song speaks about children & youth who are used as drug-runners in street gangs of U.S. cities. Finally, scene three shows children in third world, war torn countries, forced to take arms, to kill and maim other kids, women, and men, who oppose this tyrants’ rule.” – Oceans of Tears

This is the story about saving the children from this terrible pandemic of life being lost for no reason, as they follow fake leaders blindly and lose their lives for no reason at all. The rock influence shakes through the roof, as they let remind us what is going on all over the world right now.

All The Children Are Dying‘ from Oceans Of Tears, delves right in where others walk around. The streets are littered with these sad and inexcusable moments, which needs to be fixed so that the innocent children may live a life that is fruitful, full of wonder, peace and love. Just the way it should be.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

OCEANS OF TEARS told the ultimate redemption story with ‘IF LOOKS COULD KILL’

It certainly isn’t every day that you get to enjoy an empowering redemption story through rock n roll, but thanks to OCEANS OF TEARS’ rock musical ‘DROWNED IN A SEA OF TEARS’, you’ll get to enjoy theatrical intensity alongside glam rock riffs and supercharged synths. Especially in the standout single ‘IF LOOKS COULD KILL’.

With dirty rhythms coalescing with dancey beats that wouldn’t be out of place on a 90s dance workout tape, IF LOOKS COULD KILL is a sonic trip down the sunset strip with a side serving of adrenalizing lyricism which acts as a reminder that you’re stronger than you know.

The official video to IF LOOKS COULD KILL is now available to stream via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast