Tai Mistyque continued her mission to embolden the RnB genre with her latest single, Toxic

Tai Mistyque is one of the very few RnB artists with the sound and emotional intelligence to cut it in this new progressive generation. Someone had to put an end to the heartbroken fawning and the loved up gloating, and you’d be hard-pressed finding someone that breaks the RnB mould with so much style.

Her latest fearlessly empathetic single, Toxic, is the perfect introduction to her emboldening MO that melds with her alt-pop, EDM & RnB fusionist sound. In each of her singles, she seeks to extend resonance to the ordinary women in pursuit of their dreams. That’s a refreshing change from the artists who make their debut in the determination to be rendered iconic. Tai Mistyque achieved that iconic status through her ability to humbly reflect humanistic proclivities through her deeply imploring vocal timbre that you won’t fail to connect to. We can’t wait to see her ascend the charts with her empowering edge and seemingly infinite reserve of aural magnetism.

Toxic is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


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