The Original Power Trio from Liverpool: The Big Three change members but keep the incredible story alive on ‘Head Over Heels’

The Big Three are a well-known fiery Merseybeat group from the home of music, Liverpool. They are famous for their 1963 recording of ‘Some Other Guy’, for their kick-ass live performances at The Cavern and for being closely linked to The Beatles. This is the story of the band that have evolved to be reborn again.

After being busy on Cilla The Musical as the house band and featuring on the incredible ‘Some Other Guys’ movie about the original line-ups storied career and ups and downs, through the maze of the often magical but flaky music business; The Big Three are one of the all-time great bands as they have changed members over the years and are now back with a fresh new look; that respects the past and looks to the future.

‘’ In 2017 Bill Kenwright released and toured the sell-out musical Cilla The Musical; The Big Three (played by Jay Osborne, Chris Weeks and Tom Dunlea) appeared in the show and doubled as the show band. Following the tour the three players were ‘handed down the baton’ to become the next generation of The Big Three by original members Brian Griffiths and the late Johnny Hutchinson.’’- Wikipedia

Head Over Heels’ is a superb listen with the classic style intact and also has a new twist to the sound. The vocals are so silky smooth cool; the band has that special rhythm that is a pleasure on our tired ears, weary after hearing so much watered down music that suffocates the radio airwaves these days. This is an ode to the past and has such a soul-filled meal of music; you will need a cold beverage to soak it all into your stomach.

Happy days await as this is a track to turn up and to call the whole family over so you can dance all night. Everyone is head over heels for this and you feel the special touch here. The legend lives on in safe hands.

Hear the new song on Soundcloud, see more on Facebook and find out more about this band via the incredibly real ‘Some Other Guy’ movie on Vimeo.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


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