Count The Miles: Betamax Dub Machine can’t get that picture to vanish on ‘Fire and Ice’ (feat. Emily Zuzik)

With an absorbing track that will truly fascinate you beyond imagination, Betamax Dub Machine return with a riveting new single about burning thoughts on ‘Fire and Ice(feat. Emily Zuzik).

Betamax Dub Machine is an indie Synthwave/Pop/Rock electronic duo that was formed by Roberto Montoya and Ben Metcalf. These two experienced artists have joined up with a sensational vocalist, to bring us a release that will leave you truly spellbound.

They take us on a wild journey that has your heart beating much quicker than before, as you close your deeply thoughtful eyes and wonder where this journey into the unknown will take you. There is much to unpack here as the intriguing beat has you thrilled all the way, as the enthralling vocals has your mind floating into this sunlit sky to heal up again.

Fire and Ice(feat. Emily Zuzik) from the classy Canadian electronic duo Betamax Dub Machine, is a thunderbolt of rapidly swarming soundscapes that seems to pick up steam throughout. This is a track which will have looking back at those roads you have traveled, just to forget that fire which certainly burnt you badly before. You are trying to recover but these things take times, as you rush away to a new place forever. The search for absolution is here.

Hear this new track on Spotify and see more news via their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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