The Novatones bravely tackle the issues of modern day society with eager gusto on ‘Puppets’

With a fiery disposition that takes your whole mind into the savage issues of the world that need to be fixed before a blood-bath ensues all over the globe, The Novatones soar out of their comfort zone with a scintillating display of epic dimensions with, ‘Puppets‘.

The Novatones is a 4-piece Southampton, UK-based indie punk/Britpop band who makes that anthem rocking music that sends your whole body into natural delirium.

Following rave reviews from live performances, we were offered a slot on the Hard Rock stage at the prestigious Isle of Wight Festival. Such was our impact that we have subsequently been invited back and asked to play the Big Top seven thousand capacity arena.” ~ The Novatones

Resonating with so much frustrated souls who are completely fed up with the way humanity is headed, The Novatones crank up the volume and power lift through the crowds as they urge us to unite in our goal to never give up the fight to save the world.

Support slots for The Sex Pissed Dolls, Bruce Foxton (From the Jam) and The Spitfires followed as well as further festival invitations from Common People, Victorious and a headline slot at Sound of the Cotswolds.” ~ The Novatones

Puppets‘ from 4-piece Southampton, UK-based indie punk/Britpop band The Novatones is a rasping performance that is such a wake up call to us all. Sick of the blatant lies, the unnecessary pollution, the wretched hate and evil money-hungry decisions that have possibly decided the fate of humankind, this is a seriously high quality track that bats away the full toss that the whole globe is dealing with.

Sung with such a potent delivery that slams into the stumps of the selfish decision makers, this is a track that shows us that music really can make a difference.

See this hair-raising new single on YouTube and find out more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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