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Hundred bucks a gram: New Age Affair drop party anthem for the youth, Come My Way

With a youthful verve and so much enthusiasm to marvel at the journey to enlightenment, New Age Affair shall rocket a fiery track to remember forever on Come My Way.

New Age Affair is a South Dakota-born alternative band that makes fun music with an edgy exterior that all ages can rock out with no matter the weather.

Tightly wrapped inside a car which is replenished with a motivated band on a mission to express themselves fully, New Age Affair roar like hungry lions ready to eat and shall claw their way into many speakers based on this evidence. Showing us the way to get out a notion to the universe, this is a delightful song to play with force and desire when the night is laced with subtle temptations.

Come My Way from South Dakota-born alternative band New Age Affair is a simply fun song which shall ease all worries and pain away. The lyrics are layered with so many truths about humanity’s current mindset intertwined with a rocket-fuel-like sound. Soaring with an upwards trajectory, we are treated to something rather sizzling on the palate to consume with vigour.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Novatones bravely tackle the issues of modern day society with eager gusto on ‘Puppets’

With a fiery disposition that takes your whole mind into the savage issues of the world that need to be fixed before a blood-bath ensues all over the globe, The Novatones soar out of their comfort zone with a scintillating display of epic dimensions with, ‘Puppets‘.

The Novatones is a 4-piece Southampton, UK-based indie punk/Britpop band who makes that anthem rocking music that sends your whole body into natural delirium.

Following rave reviews from live performances, we were offered a slot on the Hard Rock stage at the prestigious Isle of Wight Festival. Such was our impact that we have subsequently been invited back and asked to play the Big Top seven thousand capacity arena.” ~ The Novatones

Resonating with so much frustrated souls who are completely fed up with the way humanity is headed, The Novatones crank up the volume and power lift through the crowds as they urge us to unite in our goal to never give up the fight to save the world.

Support slots for The Sex Pissed Dolls, Bruce Foxton (From the Jam) and The Spitfires followed as well as further festival invitations from Common People, Victorious and a headline slot at Sound of the Cotswolds.” ~ The Novatones

Puppets‘ from 4-piece Southampton, UK-based indie punk/Britpop band The Novatones is a rasping performance that is such a wake up call to us all. Sick of the blatant lies, the unnecessary pollution, the wretched hate and evil money-hungry decisions that have possibly decided the fate of humankind, this is a seriously high quality track that bats away the full toss that the whole globe is dealing with.

Sung with such a potent delivery that slams into the stumps of the selfish decision makers, this is a track that shows us that music really can make a difference.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Toronto-based rapper Kietell snags the bag on one of the freshest Hip hop tracks of 2022 with ‘UP’

With his sunglasses on tight and his winter jacket feeling all snug as he gets that paper high into his growing empire, Kietell impresses tenaciously with the bar-heavy new single all about keeping that hustle mentality on form with ‘UP‘.

Kietell is a Toronto, Canada-based Hip hop artist and music producer who raps with a rapid-fire style that pays respect to the legendary trailblazers like the late great Big L, Eminem and Jay-Z.

Lacerating his supposed competition up one by one with a vigorous style that is rather superbly orchestrated, Kietell might be the new rap hero that the world is waiting for. The Canadian wields his sword-like style with an effective consequence, as he captures the mood of his city with supremely exceptional aplomb.

UP‘ from Toronto, Canada-based Hip hop artist and music producer Kietell, is a scintillating underground rap track made with his eye firmly on the bigger picture. He has seen what the streets have for him and he wants more, as he feels like the sky is the limit if he avoids the pitfalls that so many have fallen headfirst into before him. With his fiery bars, witty lyrics and a likeable delivery, he sets the standard on what our minds should be thinking about in 2022.

Avoiding the carnage and building the bricks upward one by one is the aim, and making sure that the team is loyal enough to be ready for anything.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Los Angeles-based music producer soundslikeLANG sounds the ‘Fire Alarm’ you needed to hear

Blessing us with the final track from his recent 3-track EP called “Midnight and the City” which plays an infinite loop when left on repeat, soundslikeLANG warns us of the impending party that is about to go down until sunrise when sleepy eyes connect on ‘Fire Alarm‘.

Created by Los Angeles-based music producer Dave Lang, soundslikeLANG is an emotive-house fusion that grabs your heart and fills your soul with a brand of invigorating style that is certainly a must-listen.

With a pulsatingly enjoyable beat that seems to get you out of your sleepy slumber and quickly shoves you off your slouched couch, soundslikeLANG should be the name on all electronic lovers quivering lips. There is a world-class single here that is perfect for that sweaty dance floor, that takes you into a new world filled with possibilities of what the night might entail.

Fire Alarm‘ from the Los Angeles, California-based music producer soundslikeLANG, is an atmospherically charged single with the utmost consideration for our ears. There is brooding energy that keeps you locked in but you can still find the key, as it doesn’t become too clingy and chain you in like many other tracks in this popular genre. This is a perfect release for when you are about to head on out to your favourite venue – to let yourself go loose for a few hours – as you forget your worries and get sucked inside a world that calms your soul down.

Listen up to this new fiery single on Spotify and see more of his moves on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Feeling In My Stomach: Romantic Relevance shows us how vital friendship really is on ‘Wedge’

Conveying to us a deeply intimate song that strikes personally right at your beating heart, Romantic Relevance reminds us that keeping a close eye on your friends is of paramount significance during these dark times with ‘Wedge‘.

Romantic Relevance is a Seattle, Washington-based indie alt-rock band that intricately show us their stories about small-town blues, finding your way in this strange world and their religious upbringing growing up.

With a touching story that could fit into a movie, Romantic Relevance shows us why they are one of the most must-listen-to bands in the world at the moment. They give us an accurate illustration of how many of us are feeling right now and avoid the fake flash, to only project realness that is such a welcome listen.

Wedge‘ from the excellent Seattle, Washington-based indie alt-rock act Romantic Relevance, is a track that will have your heart beating faster and your mind strolling to the times when you lost someone close to a tragic event or come close to. Sung with real intent and featuring honest lyrics and a hair-raising vocal shirtless exuberance, this is a meaningful single that needs to be heard far and wide to those who feel a bit lost today.

Someone needs your love out there after all.

See this emotional new music video on YouTube and find out more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

That Extra Edge: Observe the 93rd sharpen up the mic with the rock anthem ‘Archaic’

As their quick-fire sound of carnage stretches your mind like a fragile elastic band, Observe the 93rd makes all parts of your speakers shake in disbelief, with the shock-educing new banger called ‘Archaic‘.

Observe the 93rd is a powerfully struck two-piece alternative rock band from Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. They build up stream like the click of a lighter — and smoke forcefully into our lives with a fiery performance of epic magnitudes — that has you turning this up all the way real loud, to get the best experience possible.

The focus will always be raw, authentic expression. The songs are guided by a feeling, an idea, an experience, failure, triumph, suffering, joy…any abstract internal entity that yearns to be externalized. Sometimes the expression of this is a means of reflection, sometimes a means of relief and survival, and other times merely an exploration of the mind or ideas.” – Observe the 93rd

Archaic‘ from Pennsylvania two-piece alt-rockers Observe the 93rd, teaches us about the wild world that is currently transpiring before our eyes. There are so many demons around and we need to extinguish them quickly, otherwise they shall burn your important senses down like a tree burning in the forest. This is sublime stuff and a new rock song that certainly has your attention, due to its heart-stopping ferocity and excellent execution.

Hear this fine new song on Spotify and see more on their IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

OvaDos brings the heat with fiery Hip Hop single ”Homicide”

OvaDos leaves it all on the line with the brand new single called ”Homicide”. This is all about going for it and not stopping for anything or anybody. People that are holding you back are sadly going to have to understand. This is no time to be distracted as OvaDos is on a mission to head straight to the top of the Hip Hop game.

Blowing up is the only things on OvaDos’s mind. They are willing to smash through any barrier and we shouldn’t sleep on this producer-rapper. Big things are expected in 2020 and moving forward.

The lyrical ability is on full show here and I enjoy the smooth flow and no-nonsense approach. The beat is simple but effective and I feel like OvaDos is building up slowly and getting everything prepared to make it big.

Homicide” is a very underrated track but perhaps not for long.

Check out this fantastic emcee’s new track right here on Spotify.

Review by Llewelyn Screen