The Clouds Above: 8udDha bl0od calls out above the noise on ‘Angels and Daemons’

On an eye-opening Psychedelic-filled experience like no other, 8udDha bl0od is at his experimental best on a translucently-beautiful track that you need to close your eyes with to fully examine the insides of your sensitive soul on ‘Angels and Daemons‘.

8udDha bl0od is a Brighton, UK-based multi-talented music wizard who varies from genre to genre, all dependent on his mood on any given day. He makes the type of rare experience that dazzles your curious mind, beyond the realm of possibility.

From drone electronica to alt indie 90s rock to 70s psych, there is much to love from a truly extraordinary musician in his prime. This time, he manages to have your whole mystified body floating majestically inside the sky above, as you carefully search to find that true purpose. The instrumental skills brought to the fore are quite scrumptiously delivered to perfection, as your only thought is to heal magnificently with this wondrous new track.

Angels and Daemons‘ from the unparalleled Brighton-based indie alt-everything-your-mind-can-comprehend 8udDha bl0od, is another true gem from a rather remarkable artist. With no vocals needed, he portrays the whole experience in a six minute waterfall of sounds that causes shivers in your spine and scintillating wind to flow into your arms for extra strength. A truly excellent single awaits.

Hear this sizzling new single on his Soundcloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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