Sham Chewali – The Non Believer: Accordantly Sweet Experimental Acoustic Folk

Manchester-based Experimental Folk artist Sham Chewali released their latest single “The Non Believer” on November 1st. It’s safe to say that any fans of Billy Bragg are going to want to hear it.

The gentle melodies, the unsugared unmistakably Northern vocals (no one does melancholy better than us Northerners), and the image-conjuring lyrics all contribute to making the Non Believer a resonantly magnetic single.

And it is with their distinctive guitar work where Sham Chewali really sets themselves apart. The good majority of Folk music may lead you to believe that there are limitations when it comes to the chord progressions. But in The Non Believer, Chewali’s guitar offers intimately intricate rhythms along with sublime Bluesy finger-picked serenity.

You can check out Sham Chewali’s latest single The Non Believer for yourselves by heading over to Bandcamp now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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