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Take Me Back: Noah Fabray misses that cosy neighbourhood on ‘Good Old Days’

As he thinks back to a warm place where he felt so understood and was wildly in love with that special human he can’t quit fantasizing about, Noah Fabray sings with a kindhearted sentiment that has you feeling rather dreamy on ‘Good Old Days‘.

Noah Fabray is a Scottsdale, Arizona-based indie RnB/soul solo artist who makes a brightly flavoured flamboyant type of music that has your fingers clicking for hours.

Starting his career off in 2019, Noah has garnered over two million streams and self-written and co-produced all of his music to date. Whether it be in his bedroom or one of the nation’s top recording studios, Fabray considers himself a songwriter above all other things.” ~ Noah Fabray

With a purified voice that has your captivated speakers shivering in ultimate bliss, Noah Fabray leads us into the candle-lit picture of when he felt most at home. In a weird world that is so often cruelly insensitive and irritatingly artificial, there is a sense of regret here that this moment had to end so quickly as he misses those sensual touches that his brain refuses to forget.

Good Old Days‘ from the spirited and multi-talented Scottsdale, Arizona-based indie RnB/soul solo musician Noah Fabray, is a heartfelt look back at a time where he felt most at home. There was a pure love soaked onto the walls and a kind smell which he will never forget. Sometimes in life, you just remember those sweet times with a past lover, who made you feel so safe and genuinely desirable.

Listen to this nostalgic feel on Spotify and get a sense of the vision on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Clouds Above: 8udDha bl0od calls out above the noise on ‘Angels and Daemons’

On an eye-opening Psychedelic-filled experience like no other, 8udDha bl0od is at his experimental best on a translucently-beautiful track that you need to close your eyes with to fully examine the insides of your sensitive soul on ‘Angels and Daemons‘.

8udDha bl0od is a Brighton, UK-based multi-talented music wizard who varies from genre to genre, all dependent on his mood on any given day. He makes the type of rare experience that dazzles your curious mind, beyond the realm of possibility.

From drone electronica to alt indie 90s rock to 70s psych, there is much to love from a truly extraordinary musician in his prime. This time, he manages to have your whole mystified body floating majestically inside the sky above, as you carefully search to find that true purpose. The instrumental skills brought to the fore are quite scrumptiously delivered to perfection, as your only thought is to heal magnificently with this wondrous new track.

Angels and Daemons‘ from the unparalleled Brighton-based indie alt-everything-your-mind-can-comprehend 8udDha bl0od, is another true gem from a rather remarkable artist. With no vocals needed, he portrays the whole experience in a six minute waterfall of sounds that causes shivers in your spine and scintillating wind to flow into your arms for extra strength. A truly excellent single awaits.

Hear this sizzling new single on his Soundcloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Silky and hot beats combined with pain: Ohio’s fiercely indie emcee SilkyFway drops ‘Love Drug’ (prod. EGGACION)

Multi-talented Columbus, Ohio creative SilkyFway is a self-motivated certified audio engineer, graphic designer and emcee who is back with the Hip-Hop rolled ‘Love Drug’ (prod. EGGACION).

This is a man who decided to pick up the mic after a few of his childhood friends decided to opt out of music. He was the producer at the time but felt compelled to try out the other side of the studio. The bug bit like a hungry mosquito having a Thanksgiving feast and the rest as they say, is history.

The atmospheric start has an earthy feel to it and your hungry ears are soon pricked up to immerse this whole experience into the deepest part of your soul. His lyrical ability and ferociously clear smokey vocals blaze through to the speakers as we are sparked up to full breath.

Real feelings of love don’t fade ever and this is the story of that numb stage you feel when something happens with you and your special human. Things were strong but love faded and now you spend your time trying to mask the pain with the earth’s medicine. You will move on but right now you need time to heal up inside and this is the cloudy path that blankets you at the moment.

Love Drug’ (prod. EGGACION) is the tale of how love can twist you up into knots for a while from Ohio’s multi-skilled SilkyFway. He lights up a story that shows us that no matter how strong you are inside, sometimes you need time to heal up and replenish your heart in your own way.

Check out the YouTube video and see the fast-rising journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Half Way to Saint Petersburg rock in with solo effort on ‘Forever Yours’

Half Way to Saint Petersburg rock in with solo determination on ‘Forever Yours‘ and this is a strong effort.

After several failed attempts to start a band, the artist known as Half Way to Saint Petersburg flies into the music game with this new single.

This is a one man band and this is the way he likes it. He is accountable and just wants to play music and learn new skills. The Sound engineer, producer, guitarist, bassist and drummer, you can tell that he really wants this. After learning from trial and error, he knows now what it takes to get the album done as smoothly as humanly possible.

Half Way to Saint Petersburg is on top form here on ‘Forever Yours‘ and this is a solid effort from the multi-talented artist with a lot to give. He is just getting started and is loving this music journey.

Click here for the Spotify page.

Head through on the Insta page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Milena Releases Uplifting Track “He”

London based singer-songwriter, piano player and all round multi-talented performer has released her second album Everyday featuring “He”, an uplifting track representing a zealous confidence across all musical platforms, and fusing a classical element to the pop genre. Milena is an artist who takes her career seriously. Through every ounce of detail in writing her own songs, the sheer positivity in her performance and not to mention the amount of passion she expresses in her stride. Yet, what stands out in “He”, is the nonchalant attitude she depicts; Milena’s cheery attitude is an obvious natural element of her character, and is what gives her music personal style.

The subject of “He” is traditionally meagre, but the performance of Milena is what increases the song’s prolific competence. Milena passionately sings, “He gives me all that I need/Is it possible to fall in love with him”, it’s not so much the lyrics which draws us into the track, but the devotion Milena shares with music. As the track reaches its close, Milena puts the nail in the coffin with an unexpected solo on the piano, ending the song as it started, with pure elegancy.

-Aly McHugh