That sweet plan A: Smokiecoco drop fun-filled debut single ‘Candy Crush’ (Prod. By VICEVERSABEATZ)

Smokiecoco gift-wrap us that sweet-toothed dentist-hating track you can’t help but snack on through their promising debut music video and single ‘Candy Crush‘ (Prod. By VICEVERSABEATZ).

Midlands, UK brothers and best friends A The Cray and Middy are indie-pop duo Smokiecoco. They are a fine new outfit that make that vibrant easy-listening mellow music energy for the world to enjoy and dance to, while nibbling on some sweets at the same time.

With confidence in absolute abundance, the brothers with a charming smile each, ease their way into the candy shop and proceed to have so much fun- they probably have shares in the franchise. Oozing freshness and commercial appeal, they take us on an exciting ride through wanting that girl so bad and telling her that she will be missing out otherwise.

The beat is so hot you might need a cold shower after listening to this top debut effort that will be stuck in your teeth-and brain-for days and days as you gaze into the candy jar while desiring more of course.

Candy Crush‘ (Prod. By VICEVERSABEATZ) from UK brother duo Smokiecoco is a song that the ladies will love especially as this has all the goodness and sweet pleasures you could want in a song.

Ditching the plan B for this one is a smart idea as these boys are going to win many fans due to their happy style, fresh looks and catchy music.

Watch this video and support their exciting music journey on YouTube and follow the fashionable fellas on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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