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PleasePrettyLea is at her brilliant best on the chain-filled ‘Burden’

After stunning us with her sensational single ‘Birthday Cardand the more recent dark theatre ballad ‘Ohheycide‘, PleasePrettyLea eloquently explains to us the pain of feeling rather inadequate within a relationship for too long with, ‘Burden‘.

PleasePrettyLea (formally known as KREPZ) is a Dudley, Midlands-based UK indie alternative artist who is best known for her excellent Voldermortis series from 2020 and has continued to astound with quality releases since.

I was around 12 when I first started recording in a bootleg studio in Wolverhampton. I was then spotted by now, well known DJ MOKY (White club Dubai) at the age of 13 prior to being spotted again by DJ Apostle.” ~ PleasePrettyLea

Showing us she is the most fascinatingly inventive artist around right now, PleasePrettyLea is quite exceptional with her awe-inspiring visuals, gripping lyrics and impressive vocals, that will have you completely transfixed like you are in the Matrix and automatically listening to her music again and again.

My latest single Burden, which was inspired by a new friendship that offered safety and stability.” ~ PleasePrettyLea

Burden‘ from Dudley, Midlands-based UK indie alternative artist PleasePrettyLea is a dazzling experience that shall shock your system like you have just been struck by lightning. Her vocal excellence is supremely inspiring, and she shows us why this is an ever-evolving creative project that is always exploring previously unfathomable boundaries.

Feeling like you shouldn’t be with someone always weighs heavy on the heart, especially if the love was once strong.

See this deep music video on YouTube and see more on her always dynamic IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Bluebyrd cut through the static in their latest alt-folk single, Too Much Noise

Too much noise by Bluebyrd

The Wolverhampton, UK-based alt-folk duo, Bluebyrd, has aurally triumphed once again with their latest single, Too Much Noise, which cuts through the static in our cacophonous existence.

For anyone that acquired a new level of overwhelmed anxiety as a parting gift from the pandemics and other chaos that leaves us feeling powerless, Too Much Noise should be considered an essential release. Not only do Bluebyrd deliver resonance hand over fist, but they also create a cathartic indie-folk soundscape that sits somewhere between Cohen, Billy Brag, Semisonic and the Levellers. I couldn’t think of a better new release to drown out the world to.

Too Much Noise was officially released on January 28th. It is now available to stream and purchase via Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

That sweet plan A: Smokiecoco drop fun-filled debut single ‘Candy Crush’ (Prod. By VICEVERSABEATZ)

Smokiecoco gift-wrap us that sweet-toothed dentist-hating track you can’t help but snack on through their promising debut music video and single ‘Candy Crush‘ (Prod. By VICEVERSABEATZ).

Midlands, UK brothers and best friends A The Cray and Middy are indie-pop duo Smokiecoco. They are a fine new outfit that make that vibrant easy-listening mellow music energy for the world to enjoy and dance to, while nibbling on some sweets at the same time.

With confidence in absolute abundance, the brothers with a charming smile each, ease their way into the candy shop and proceed to have so much fun- they probably have shares in the franchise. Oozing freshness and commercial appeal, they take us on an exciting ride through wanting that girl so bad and telling her that she will be missing out otherwise.

The beat is so hot you might need a cold shower after listening to this top debut effort that will be stuck in your teeth-and brain-for days and days as you gaze into the candy jar while desiring more of course.

Candy Crush‘ (Prod. By VICEVERSABEATZ) from UK brother duo Smokiecoco is a song that the ladies will love especially as this has all the goodness and sweet pleasures you could want in a song.

Ditching the plan B for this one is a smart idea as these boys are going to win many fans due to their happy style, fresh looks and catchy music.

Watch this video and support their exciting music journey on YouTube and follow the fashionable fellas on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Staying strong together and never giving up: Ozy shares powerful message about male suicide on ‘Men’

Ozy proves that self-awareness triumphs over all obstacles in our mind on the heartfelt new single called ‘Men‘.

Walsall-based artist, Ozy, cares deeply about his fellow man and decided that he needed to do something about the high rate of male suicide in his local area. He joined his The Positivity Movement with Midlands-based Mind Kind Projects to share good energy and to help those that needed it most. This movement is especially important during these wild times in the world, where human interaction is at an all-time low.

The message here is that its okay to not be okay and we all get lost sometimes and need to see a light, to get out of the quick-sand and emerge from the darkness.

Ozy collected the thoughts, feelings, emotions, struggles and advice from his fellow men and eloquently fused these deep words together- into a song for all of us to hear and learn from.

His glorious voice in this special pop song floats above and shows us that it is possible to get better if you speak up. He has been through his own personal battles and has fought for his own happiness too. This deep understanding of this powerful topic makes him the perfect role model to show that you can get better and be successful. Being lonely is so tough and with the support of others, you can indeed smile again and go from strength to strength in life.

Men‘ from Walsall’s shining light Ozy is a song about hope and openness to speak about the issues you are having so you can embrace and ultimately conquer them.

Through music, there is always healing and the smooth vibrations puts a positive spin on a topic that is often swept under the rug and forgotten. This is a very valuable cause and one that needs to be shown so much love and support.

Support this extremely important movement on Spotify and see more from Ozy on his FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The secret plans of Voldermortis part 2: PleasePrettyLea takes revenge for being scorned on ‘Birthday Card’

After the fascinating dark-pop marvel of Yack from 2020, PleasePrettyLea returns to our lives to bring us a 2nd tale in her 3-part series on Voldermortis called ‘Birthday Card‘.

PleasePrettyLea is a spellbinding indie artist from Dudley in the West Midlands (UK), who sings with a mysteriously alluring style that makes your heart beat a bit faster than usual. She has different characters locked away for now and unleashes them when she feels the need.

This is a truly unique creative who doesn’t fit into any neatly-tied box at all. She is the one wrapping others into the box, if they have the unwise audacity to mess her around that is.

Her vocals grip you and make your whole body shiver as it feels like she is singing right at you. With an enthralling energy that has you frozen in time, the story of being played has you listening so closely. She is now watching her former lover who has decided that he no longer wants to be with her. Big mistake. She bought him a card for his Birthday but threw it away as she grew sick of his games and a new woman decided to rise up to haunt him into place.

Her vivid storytelling is absolutely incredible and you can only admire her honest style that is fused together perfectly by the spooky beat- that has you nervously looking around your room at times.

Birthday Card‘ from Midlands, UK-based dark-pop singer-songwriter PleasePrettyLea is one of the most bewitching tracks you will ever hear. She is completely original and her trance-like appeal has you wrapped in a state of seduction from head to toe and you can’t move, due to her magnetic energy force field. This is sensationally creative music that stimulates your soul and scares you a bit too.

This is a vital lesson to all men out there to never (ever) make a woman your plan b. Bring on Voldermortis part 3.

Stream this exhilarating heart clench of a track on Spotify and see more of her journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

London singer Rea can’t control her love on ”You”

You get the feeling deep in your bones and you just know it’s right. You feel like a teenager again and can’t stop thinking about them. Breathing properly can be hard sometimes and you pinch yourself. Is this actually real?

Rea is a quality singer from the UK and she effortlessly shows her emotions on ”You’‘. Formally from the Midlands, she is now based in buzzing London where she can stay close to all the best venues. Signed to Streets Music, I feel like we are witnessing a future star that is just getting started. Her voice is majestic and I can’t stop listening to her. The vocals are so clear and the love story is so relevant. The feeling of meeting someone that makes your heart flutter like a happy bird is a sight to behold.

Classically trained from a young age in piano, cello and clarinet, and vocals, this is one impressive resume. Add poetry to that list too. Influenced by Emeli Sandé and other artists in this genre, Rea strides through impressively to create her own lane in the music industry. This is a huge talent and her pop infused music is on full display with her scintillating performance on ”You”.

Get this new song in your ears right here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen