That Feeling: Melbourne RnB singer Qeeran passionately sends us new single ‘Make Me Know’ (ft. YO$HI MIT$U)

Inspired by top artists such as Frank Ocean, Alina Baraz and Jhené Aiko, Qeeran drops the first single off his debut EP called ‘The Cycle of Love’ and this one is sensually steamed beyond imagination on ‘Make Me Know(ft. YO$HI MIT$U).

Qeeran is a Malaysian-born, Melbourne, Australia-based indie RnB/pop singer-songwriter and music producer. He has the ability to drive you seductively into his carefully penned music, with a smooth tone that lifts the hairs expertly from your shaking back.

With smooth and airy vocals, his artistry manifests itself within his lyrics who speak of relatable tales; sons and daughters to feelings of heartbreak, love and yearning.” – Qeeran

He sings strongly with such a mysterious tone and has your attention grabbed rather quickly. The intentions are laid bare and the loving message is clear – this is what they both want and nothing will be able to stop them – as the spark is clearly there.

Make Me Know(ft. YO$HI MIT$U) from the striking Melbourne, Australia-based Qeeran, is a heater-on new single that has these artists dreaming about being with that special soul. The passion lifts up and has you thinking that the night has only just begun, with a wink of the knowing eye. The solicitous beat transports you to a sensual place and this song is best played when the lights are low, as you ask them to tell you exactly what how they feel. When you know the answer, you will then be sure that this is truly meant to be.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more about his style on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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