Thames Release Mellow Alternative Song “The Fear Of Losing The Ones You Love”

Thames are a four piece band from Saint Louis with sharp songwriting skills that allow them to tackle difficult subject matter and lyric themes in a way that keeps their music enjoyable to listen to. Apart from this, it is also very clear that these guys are humble and genuinely want to deliver a strong message through their music. Characterised by an understated calmness that shows their belief and confidence in this artistic vision, these guys have something truly sensitive and special to offer.

“The Fear Of Losing The Ones You Love.” is taken from their most recent album release, “The Fear,” which is characterised by their distinctive heartfelt sound that is also really enjoyable to listen to and fun at the same time. With a steady yet mellow driving beat, delicate piano melodies and smooth vocals this song features very interesting use of harmonic movement and melody. Unexpected notes colour the smooth melodies vibrantly and all the elements together create a mesmerising texture. Apart from this it is also very interesting to note how the vocal tone is used in several different ways to add character and dynamic to the lyric delivery. Overall Thames are definitely on to something good and their own belief and determination in the sound they envision and create shines through. Go ahead and check it out!

-Sarah Marie Bugeja

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