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Wirral-based pop/rock artist Jack Vinci crashes in the waves with debut ‘High’

With a soaring sensation that has him flying into formerly unfathomable places he never thought he’d ever feel, Jack Vinci is the merriest that he has ever been as his love-soaked heart glides so ‘High‘.

Jack Vinci is a Wirral, UK-based dream-pop and indie rock artist who has been carefully crafting his music in the studio and is now ready to express it to the world to enjoy.

With a catchy melody that all ages can certainly wrap their minds into with consummate ease, Jack Vinci unleashes an outstanding new single that vibrates your earlobes into a satisfying place that will only induce a smile beyond previous comprehension.

I wasn’t sure at first about my debut single being a song which is so abrupt and upfront, but if I’m gonna show my face, I might as well boot the door down.” ~ Jack Vinci

Bringing us an inspiring story that is all about reaching higher than before – as you grip that optimistic place you have treasured forever – this is a message about expressing your love and wanting to keep it at a constant height to truly treasure. Being content is the dream in life, and this is a message that will certainly have you feeling that a happy soul is indeed possible, no matter what the pessimists might say.

So many songs I love are basically the soundtrack to my life, my goal with this song and every song I write is to hopefully be a part of someone else’s soundtrack, to have something which connects to a memory in someone’s life or occurring moment.” ~ Jack Vinci

High‘ from Wirral, UK-based dream-pop and indie rock singer-songwriter Jack Vinci, is a sensational single that will skyrocket freely into the dreams that take you into that sunny place where you can get that permanent tan. He has an outstanding vocal ability that seems to breathe fresh air into your spirit, as we are thrilled by such a quality artist who sounds completely ready for this moment.

Those who prepare properly have more chance of success, right?

Hear this debut release on Spotify and see his IG music page for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Was Terrified: Lovable Portland folk singer-songwriter Tirlyn Sky tells us about the familar romantic dream on ‘I’m Okay With It’

As she ponders a time and place that felt so eerily similar and deja-vu like, Tirlyn Sky sings with growing confidence on a sweet story that will probably give you butterflies in your stomach with ‘I’m Okay With It‘.

Tirlyn Sky is a youthful 17-years-old Portland, Oregon-based indie-folk/pop singer-songwriter who sings with a likably shy nature and sings about love, life and finding your destined path in this overly-complicated world.

Music from other artists has helped me so so so much and it really does heal. Like, when you find that one song it’s literally therapy. You play it on repeat, you get to sing, yell, cry, and just express yourself. I hope I can bring that to people, and that would mean the world and so much more.” ~ Tirlyn Sky

There is much to love about a soulful artist like Tirlyn Sky, who performs with a natural smile and writes lyrics of real-life experiences. With a blossoming technique that seems to flow smoothly through your whole curious consciousness. this is a pure musician – who makes music to help herself and others get through any heartbreak or sadness – with the end goal being that ultimate recovery.

I’m Okay With It‘ from the Portland, Oregon-based indie-folk/pop solo artist Tirlyn Sky, is a journey through her late-night dreams as she sees the girl she likes right in front of her and forgets to breathe. Sung with a loving and heartfelt attitude and an authentic nature, you feel like she is only going to improve after each track. With more experience and the support of those who she respects, there is no reason why we won’t be hearing more gems from this lovely young musician who sings from the heart. Expressing yourself through music is a great way to fulfil all your creative urges after all.

Hear this delightful new single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

There Is Always Time: Outstanding Far North Queensland country artist Jacynta’lee drops dazzling debut single ‘Dream’

Blessing out tired souls with a true message that reminds us to only control what you can control in life, Jacynta’lee brushes off all the doubters into the dustbin with the inspiring debut single all about shining bright and believing in your ‘Dream‘.

Jacynta’lee is an elegantly enchanting Far North Queensland, Australia-based indie country solo singer-songwriter and composer.

Lyrically, Dream was written to actively encourage people at any age to hold onto hope; to keep your most passion fueled dreams alive – no matter which way society or scheduled social ‘ideals’ might try and sway you.” ~ Jacynta’lee

There is always time is the message, as he sings from the highest mountains possible to boldly assert her story which can be heard for miles. You feel that Jacynta’lee is a determined young woman – which so much potential – she might need more room in her suitcase, as she performs with that extra classy glitter that you can’t get out of your all-knowing eyes.

Dream‘ from the wholesomely stylish Australian country artist Jacynta’lee, is that bedroom-made gem of a track that shows us the world class quality of this incredible musician. She can see the goal right in front of her and sings with such a joyful ambiance which has you feeling ready for anything.

This is just the beginning of a tremendous career, for such a genuine talent who certainly believes in herself as we should to.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more of her adventures via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Trying To Keep Still: Soapbox Sound can’t stop dreaming about that special soul on ‘Hooked on You’

Easing our worries away with the first single off the upcoming full-length album that is comfortingly called ‘Homestead‘, Soapbox Sound bring that classic The Beatles and Dr Dog vibe to mesh beautifully into our own love-filled energy that heats up the hungry heart to flutter uncontrollably with ‘Hooked on You‘.

Soapbox Sound is a youthfully brilliant indie dream-pop/rock act from busy Bergen County, New Jersey. This is a classic-sounding experience with a classy-tipped soul which has your whole intrigued body relaxed, and getting into the mood to love again.

Soapbox Sound started out as a 4-piece band but has recently evolved into a free-formed indie music project/group led by 25 year old John Kroner.” ~ Soapbox Sound

Hooked on You‘ from the superb Bergen County, New Jersey indie pop/rock band Soapbox Sound, is that I-probably-shouldn’t-love-you-but-I-do-anyway type of reflective track, that leaves you feeling like you have just heard an instantly brewed gem. The splendid soundscape on offer for us to embrace has a really surreal feel to its contents – as you lock into that daydream which makes you beam with joy – no matter if you should be with that person or not.

When your heart beats faster as you gaze lovingly into the glittering eyes of that soul who keeps you smiling – its a risk you are willing to take – as you never know how it might turn out.

Hear this fine new single on Spotify and see more stories of exciting plans via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Hold Me: Penny Roox desires someone real to love on ‘Sad Sad Dreams’

Returning graciously with her second single after the incredibly real ‘Mean‘, Penny Roox reminds us of her remarkably vintage sound via the new single which transports you to a highly reflective place called ‘Sad Sad Dreams‘.

Penny Roox is a The Netherlands-based indie dream-soul singer-songwriter. She elegantly seeks to find that pure love through tragedy, and sings about these memorably intimate moments which has your heart beating so fast.

Stepping into an all-so-alluring vintage black-and-white daydream, Penny Roox presents herself as a long-lost classic songstress of the 60’s – alluding to the likes of a modern-day Dusty Springfield or Nancy Sinatra.” ~ Penny Roox

Her stunning vocal ability is so peaceful with a tinge of heartbreak, as she looks for that human who will have her floating into the sky, with so many butterflies fluttering all over her soul. Each note is so sumptuously made, the supreme soundscape takes you to that place where you feel like you are in a completely different era, that is so far away from this often-harsh world.

Sad Sad Dreams‘ from The Netherlands-based indie dream-soul singer-songwriter Penny Roox, is a moving track of the highest order – as we are wrapped into a love bubble – by such a nostalgic artist who is truly rather special. She weaves a gorgeously-tied bow all over our hearts, as she takes us on a ride to that moment you wish was easier to find.

True love is that elusively frustrating journey, that you only know you have found, when you unexpectedly find it.

Stream this top new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Finding your youthful energy again: YumeMike opens up the light again on the mystical treat ‘Inner Child’

Taken off the debut album ‘Light in the Mirror‘, YumeMike is here with the lead single ‘Inner Child‘ and this is a thrilling journey, that has taken him to the solo world and shows a thriving artist in his element.

Bari, Italy-based photographer and synth-pop artist YumeMike, is a soulful musician that has been through the ups and downs of the music business. After being in many cover bands over the years, a new chapter has arrived and you can feel the excitement in his voice, as he opens us this exhilarating ride for us to absorb ourselves into- with a smile on our dial.

Yume (夢) is the Japanese word for Dream and this is exactly what this music sounds like. Your mind takes a trip with vocals that are honest and raw, the beat is so catchy and real, the lyrics are emotive and tell it how it is.

Inner Child‘ from Italian synth-pop artist YumeMike, is the type of song you put on to feel inspired again. The world appears dark sometimes but if you find someone that can help you be young again, you are always winning in life. With a style of singing that captures the mood of the world as we all deal with varying emotions from this horrific pandemic in our own way, this is a top notch single with so much potential.

Staying positive is the only way to succeed in life and finding your bright light is the way, to find that ultimate peace inside your soul.

Stream this debut original track from this wonderfully talented artist via his Spotify and see more of the journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

‘Let Me Dream A While’ is the fantastic debut dreamy-folk single that inspires thanks to the incredibly gifted Sabreen Islam

Let Me Dream A While‘ is the fantastic debut dreamy-folk single that inspires thanks to the incredibly gifted Sabreen Islam. She takes us on a sweet journey about childhood and this is a new track that makes you happy inside.

You close your eyes and remember all of the amazing memories you had in your youth. You wish that you could stay young and not get grumpy and get out of touch with what life is really about. No one told you about getting old and you cling onto the memories when life was so simple.

This is an indie folk song that reminds you to live in the moment. Staying young is so important to your heart, good for your smile and living the way you should. With pureness and a curious mind, staying away from the nonsense on TV.

Sabreen Islam is such a special soul, her voice is so sweet and you find yourself beaming from ear to ear. Her authentic style is so admirable and her lyrics tell a true story of incredible visions of what life was and how to add this kindness into adult life. The world may be harsh right now but Sabreen is a ray of sunshine, her stunningly beautiful voice is exactly what the world needs right now. A humble soul, full of innocence and meaning, is a true blessing to the soul.

Click here to stream

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

‘Sinking’ from prolific new producer Galaso is a dream-filled journey of life in 2020

Sinking‘ from Galaso is a dream-filled galaxy riding journey of life in 2020 and this hits the tired soul just right.

The young United States producer returns with a new track that transforms the hungry music airwaves of the world. This is a fired up musician who is ready now to be heard worldwide.

You feel like you are going down for a while, your body is sore from the crazy times that you have faced recently. This is your time to reflect and build up your strength again. You will take this moment to change your battered mindset and delve into what you can do next time. Then you can find your peace and flourish.

Galaso are on top form here with Sinking‘ and this is a young, gifted producer who has an ear for good music. This is has a smokey breeze type of music you play with friends to chill and chat. Dance too and enjoy the day and night, moving your body to this lofo-fi waterfall of fresh water to cleanse your heart.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Head through to the Insta page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

DESVIL soars into high pitched dreamy-pop R&B greatness with ‘Bodyboy’

Canadian based singer and songwriter DESVIL has released ‘Bodyboy’ with an accompanying music visual on his YouTube channel. 

With a discernible buzz made four years ago off the back of a cover of Justin Bieber’s ‘Love Yourself’ on his Soundcloud page, DESVIL’s new track ‘Bodyboy’ shows a strong glimpse into his high potential, high-pitched dreamy and funky pop talents.

Skillfully wavering across vintage-effect drum plucks, DESVIL’s high pitch vibrato in ‘Bodyboy’ draws listeners’ ears in whisper-close with lush dustings of smoothly delivered melodic drawls. It’s that sort of moody, dream pop that many bedroom producers dream of hitting the right notes on – and to all his credit, DESVIL delivers superbly with this release. 

You can check out ‘Bodyboy’ on DESVIL’s YouTube channel now

Fire Jane – What I Say: Happy Dream Pop

Wow, this is a pleasant surprise. I mean you don’t see that many aspiring pop artists nowadays actually putting out positive, uplifting songs. ‘What I Say’ by the Boston-based pop act Fire Jane is such a case.

I can’t tell whether the 2000’s sound is something that Fire Jane is going for on purpose or if that is how she genuinely makes music but everything about this song is so it; from the singing style to the music production, this reminds me of Britney Spears’ early stuff rather than anything contemporary. And the lyrics? There’s nothing depressive or sad about them, and I feel like this is something that needs to be pointed out, as we hardly listen to anything positive in the pop music universe these days. Lizzo would be an exception, but still, ‘What I Say’ gives off this naive, loose vibe that is nowhere to be found in the current music trends.

If an audience ready to consume this type of music today exists or not, is something I do not know, but what I do know is that this is the loosen type of pop music that once upon a time ruled the world. Watch the lyric video on YouTube

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis