Taylor Clarke Bennett shows us the process on the catchy new release, ‘Love Where You’re From’

Reminding us to truly take in your local town but to keep your mindset away from the torturous trenches that can hide away your shine, Taylor Clarke Bennett is on top form with a gloriously honest new single that will have you singing loudly on, ‘Love Where You’re From‘.

Taylor Clarke Bennett is an NYC-based indie-pop singer-songwriter who performs with a fresh voice that seems to ease the pain of modern life away.

After studying music at the Poly Prep high school and attending the School of Rock in Manhattan, Taylor went on to study at the Berklee College of Music in Boston.” ~ Taylor Clarke Bennett

Lathering our intrigued ears with a terrific vocal performance, Taylor Clarke Bennett represents his city in the best way possible and breathes new life into a time that has witnessed so much despair and evil. He sings with a kind heart and skills aplenty, to brighten up the mood of a planet that needs so much love and harmony. With stories about seeing smart souls turn upside down due to the seductions that can break you down, this is an important message of staying self-aware and keeping your eyes on the long-term vision.

He has since sharpened his singer-songwriter skills and currently studies voice under ’90s vocal Pop sensation, Samantha Cole.” ~ Taylor Clarke Bennett

Love Where You’re From‘ from NYC-based indie-pop singer-songwriter Taylor Clarke Bennett, is a tremendous effort from a young artist who is surely on the road to greatness. His vocals are polished and pure, the lyrics dynamic and the energy real, as he shows us the right way to blaze the troubles away as we all work on ourselves and stay accountable through the process. Life is about learning and growing, not moaning and blaming others after all.

Listen to his new single on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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