Talk To Me Nice: New York rapper Rush Tyg shows us his intentions with bouncy new single ‘Top Opp’ (feat. Problems)

With the enthusiastic team ready to show us their moves and the video steaming with that late night party atmosphere, Rush Tyg opens the door for us to see the new school New York style, on the hard-hitting new track called ‘Top Opp(feat. Problems).

Rush Tyg is a fast-rising and highly motivated Long Island, New York rapper who flows with that street swag that is full of inner confidence and stories of doing what’s necessary to stay relevant in this fickle world.

This hot new video is full of that vest for success in his wild climate of confusion that can take your life real quick if you look at the wrong person in an undesirable way. They spark the fuse in your mind, as the energy is electric and with the confident attitude of just going for it, as life is short and you need to enjoy it too with your true friends close by.

Top Opp‘ (feat. Problems) from Long Island, NY rap artist Rush Tyg, is a rush of blood to the head that excites and fascinates through this rugged track of intriguing melodies. He raps with such gusto and belief in his abilities, as you get the feeling that he could be rising the ranks of this bloated genre that requires lots of patience to truly make it.

Check out the style on YouTube and follow his journey upwards on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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