Talia Perez – West Coast: Introducing EDM Pop Royalty

Slapping the label of EDM onto Talia Perez’s latest Dance hit West Coast doesn’t come close to encapsulating just how alive this track is. If any track has the potential to blow your speakers; it’s this one. She wraps her soaring soulful melodic vocals around some of the punchiest euphotic beats I’ve heard drop this summer. From start to finish, West Coast is packed full of Talia’s overwhelming attitude which proves that she can match her male counterparts all too easily in the EDM game.

At the age of only 18 Talia Perez has proven that she has the potential to dominate the EDM Pop game with her abilities as a singer songwriter and musician. In short, she’s an absolute queen. You can check out Talia Perez’s latest anthemically hyped single on SoundCloud now. West Coast was dropped on June 25th to treat EDM fans to the perfect offering of Summer soaked beats. A track this fresh could really only have been born out of Los Angeles. Calvin Harris may be one of Talia’s influences, but I would put my money on it that she’ll be dominating the charts alongside him in no time at all if West Coast is anything to go by.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

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