The Lows And Highs: Swedish singer Jonathan Jaynes recovers after heartbreak on ‘Losing My Faith’

As his cracked heart beats a bit slower from being let down badly, Jonathan Jaynes expresses his pain of a relationship that went array on ‘Losing My Faith‘.

Jonathan Jaynes is a passionate indie dream-pop/tropical happy-sad singer-songwriter and music producer from the underrated Malmö, Sweden. He makes that deep type of dreamy experience — which opens your eyes to different parts of relationships — and helps to express the emotions that you are feeling.

I wanted to shed a light on destructive relationships and how they can affect you. It starts out as beautiful and whimsical, but after a while it gets dark and broken. It’s hard to love, but if you look for the right kind you’ll find it.” – Jonathan Jaynes

Influenced by Kygo, Sia and Zak Abel, he is one of those quality young artists that you can’t help but like, as the sound is so peaceful and full of quality buzzing from each note. He sings with such grit and love, you can hear that this song is extremely person, as he feels like he needed an outlet to figure out what really happened.

Losing My Faith‘ from Swedish singer-songwriter Jonathan Jaynes, shows us a man who is really down after being so high in the sky. Sometimes you wonder what you did wrong for a relationship to end. The truth is, the whole time it was a lesson to make you stronger, for when you meet your true love down the winding road of the unexpected.

Hear this quality new single on Spotify and check out his IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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