Dickson City’s Andrew Yurkanin doesn’t feel good today on ‘Sad Robot’

Released from his 12-track ‘Connect The Dots‘ album from September 2021, Andrew Yurkanin brings us a true story about letting someone inside who played you like a fool on ‘Sad Robot‘.

Andrew Yurkanin is a Dickson City, Pennsylvania-based indie electronic/rock artist and multi-instrumentalist who ravishes our heartbroken souls with his unique emotion-driven orchestral productions that are quite scintillating.

His desire to gain more knowledge and experience sparked him to study the art of music production and music recording technology. This is where his creativity in writing became evident, and was the catalyst for him to use his determination, resolve, and compassion, to which listeners are drawn, expressing himself through his compositions.” ~ Andrew Yurkanin

Showing us his world-class quality with a marvellous track that simmers throughout your mind as you imagine that feeling of betrayal, Andrew Yurkanin stuns with a truly outstanding display that rattles your senses to a traumatic place where you know you need to move on from.

Sad Robot‘ from Dickson City, Pennsylvania-based indie electronic/rock artist and highly impressive multi-instrumentalist Andrew Yurkanin, is a track that is absolutely superb and belongs in a Hollywood movie of the highest quality. The deepness of this single is rather special and gets you in a highly reflective mood. The energy is one of sadness as to why someone you loved – would take your heart for a searing spin into a washing machine – when you opened the door and thought they would be that kind soul who loved you.

Sometimes people change their stripes, as you pick up the pieces and heal your precious heart to love again.

Listen to this new single on Soundcloud and see more of his life via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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