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That Place: Manx Dreams longs for those stimulating evenings with ‘Nights and Corridors’

With an electrically charged combination of electronic, post-punk, dark wave and industrial dance influences, Manx Dreams shows us what he has been working on through these cold pandemic-filled days on his latest track called ‘Nights and Corridors‘.

Ben Seymour aka Manx Dreams, is an experienced USA-based vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and music producer.

Returning after 2020’s ‘Hit Parade‘, this is a nostalgic-type of track which takes you to those wild evenings which you will never forget.

Currently, Ben plays all instruments, provides all vocals and manages all production of Manx Dreams. This could potentially change on future projects.” ~ Manx Dreams

With a movie-like soundtrack, this is a beat-driven track with much to like from all angles. The driving energy keeps you hooked the whole way through and those haunting vocals, has you mightily compelled to use your vivid imagination during the whole late-night journey.

In his first solo project, Manx utilizes analog, synth based textures, minimalist guitar and bass, and other elements to tell stories and paint mental pictures. After spending some time in Eastern Europe and other remote regions, Manx incorporates some of these influences and a prior lifetime, to fuel the first album. Prior to Manx Dreams, Ben played guitar for several Coachella and San Diego based artists.” ~ Manx Dreams

Nights and Corridors‘ from the USA-based music producer, vocalist and multi-skilled instrumentalist Manx Dreams, is the story about those long evenings out and about in town. They seem to last forever but before you know it, the sun is up and your heart beats real fast ,and your soul seems to drop a bit as the fun has ended. Sung with a deep tone and with an ominous soundscape, this is a true thunderbolt of exciting flowing energy through your veins.

Enjoy those nights while they last, otherwise you will truly regret not enjoying yourself more.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more on his IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Like The Way You Move Your Lips: The Morning Room impress highly on groovy love tune ‘Blush and Stammer’

As their eyes lock in tight and the enthralled heart starts to beat so much faster, The Morning Room show us that intimate moment which changes everything with the visually pleasing new music video for their second single ‘Blush and Stammer‘.

The Morning Room is an exciting indie-dream pop duo from San Diego and San Francisco, USA. They have a crisply toned and highly satisfying energy that has been created by former solo artist, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Chris Avetta and music producer Ryan King.

Her scrumptiously alluring vocals are equally matched with a sensational beat that has your curious mind alive with excitement. These two make a tremendous team that brings a mood that is thrilling and full of vibes that are quite electrically-charged, with a wonderfully calm and consistent tempo.

This is the sweet story of love that has the lips quivering in anticipation – as the bite inside is quick but noticeable – when you know what you want and are on a mission to see where this could possibly lead.

Blush and Stammer‘ from the top notch indie-pop duo and longtime friends The Morning Room, is a terrific combination of excellent skill sets that shows their trust in each other. This is a fine song that is so captivating and has your mind racing as the sparks are flying, which tell you that this is going to be an exciting night that has just started.

See this party-filled music video on YouTube and see more on their IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Will Be Here: Cleveland’s Policy and Amy Jo Scott make the most of the hours with ‘Past The Upset’ (Remix)

Taken off the full length sophomore album ‘The Abby Rose‘ which is due for release in 2022, Policy and Amy Jo Scott help us to understand that there will be changes so we need to quickly set ourselves fully free on the piano-filled new single that is named ‘Past The Upset’ (Remix).

Mark Buchwald aka Policy, is an indie-pop multi-instrumentalist, music producer, DJ, composer, engineer, and drum doctor, who is based in Cleveland, Ohio. He is joined by the lovely fellow Cleveland native and vocalist Amy Jo Scott, on this inspiring track all about holding on tight to your morals and dreams no matter what.

This is a soothingly melodic track of substance that features calming vocals and a sweetly toned background that helps us to forgive and forget all the worries that have been circulating unhealthily in our hearts. Her vocals are smoothly tipped and sung with such pure intentions, that has you feeling so much more hopeful than before.

Past The Upset’ (Remix) from the Cleveland-based indie-pop artists Policy and Amy Jo Scott, is the story about showing strength when there is so much confusion around in the world. Things can seem hard-to-face, but as long as you have people there to help you through it all, you can survive any devastating flood that comes your way. After all, we are soldiers that can get past anything we set our minds to conquer courageously.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Is This One Big Gamble: Portsmouth’s OSD wonders what the odds are with the self-aware ‘Be More Selfless’

Taken off his brand new three-track EP called ‘Next Day Delivery‘, OSD shows us his rising brilliance with the introspective story about wanting to put the past in the dustbin and move into fresh waters of healing on ‘Be More Selfless‘.

OSD is a UK-based hip-hop artist, music producer, songwriter, and vocalist from Portsmouth. He makes that intelligent music that is full of realness, which is an underground gem all the way.

Over the recent years I have put more focus into writing lyrics, recording vocals and vocal production. This year I finally decided to create the OSD project, this is a project designed to let me be as creative and experimental as an artist.” ~ OSD

With an effortlessly smooth flow that has you totally entrenched into his sensational story – you heartily sense his terrifically honest style that is a masterful listen – which catches your attention with his wittily real lyrics. You feel like he is an artist that entrances the mic like a formidable wizard and swirls up the speakers to intoxicating levels of totally ear-soothing enjoyment.

Be More Selfless‘ from the South Coast, UK-based artist OSD, is an inspirational story about knowing you need to be better. You look up to your Auntie and know that you should aim to be as faithful as her. He seeks the path that shall take him onto a road that has him smiling from ear to ear, which is a swift move from what he was undesirably sucked into before.

If this is his redemption journey, we need to lock into the ride as it feels like he is only scratching the surface of his destined potential.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Moons Align: Creatrix Bassaco calms our busy minds expertly with ‘Wanewata’ EP

As her astounding water angel spirit takes us deep underwater to carefully feed our starving soul after much starvation and hurtful distress, the stunning Creatrix Bassaco seems to cure all on her awe-inspiring new four-track EP ‘Wanewata‘.

Creatrix Bassaco is a tremendously talented vocalist and music producer who is a Creative Priestess of Ivorian ancestry. She skillfully fuses lovely West African-inspired percussive rhythms and French spoken word gracefully all over this special single, to make our shuddering hearts feel so loved and cared for again.

This is a wonderful source of much-needed restoration and healing for us all. The energy felt in this dreamy release is so inviting, soulful and rather obscure — as its overall impact has your mind massaged by a mysteriously elegant and creative woman — who weaves a web of love all over your tired body.

The textured beats are all varied, with a scrumptious flow that has you imagining you are swimming underwater in the beautifully clean ocean — with vivid colors all over the place — as you bend your mind to the endless possibilities. The lovely crisp  alignment has your neck and back suddenly feeling in shape again — as you see her kind face and knowing smile — urging you to have faith in nature again.

Wanewata‘ from the fascinating talent of Creatrix Bassaco, leads us kindly into an entrancing world of the beautiful waters below, that have all the answers we need. This is that true music which snaps your curious mind away from all meaningless distractions, as she sweetly lathers our consciousness into place with an EP that has come at exactly the right time. Great music like this, really does heal up all hurtful scars and undesirable anxiousness.

Hear this intriguing EP on Spotify and see her IG for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Thinking About You: Whyen (feat. Juli-Ane) are breathtaking on stupendous future bass single ‘Higher’

After feeling the fresh breeze wash over your doubts with their excellent track from February 2021 called ‘Free‘, Whyen (feat. Juli-Ane) are back with a sensual song about powerful love that makes you go ‘Higher‘.

Yannik aka Whyen, is a prolific multi-talented pianist, future bass music producer and film composer from busy Berlin in Germany. He is joined once again by the wonderful fellow Berlin-based singer/lyricist Juli-Ane, who’s sensational voice has the rare ability to make your hairs stand up to gripping attention, her striking tone incredibly captures all your thoughts calmly as you get lost for days in her thoughtful story.

Their combination works like a perfectly fitting glove, your eager body slides snugly right into this story of finding yourself under the power of someone else which makes you think deeply, despite your love for them.

The production is top class and matches with her stunning vocals, that certainly takes you to the sky above in an effortless display which has you relaxed and focused again.

Higher‘ from the captivating Berlin producer/vocal duo Whyen (feat. Juli-Ane), is a refreshing swim into the waves of love, as you want to be happy but sometimes the undercurrent takes you to places you don’t want to. Sometimes people just have that power over you and you need to find the right stream so you can be in your lane, without anybody having control over you.

Stream this breathtaking new track on Spotify and see Whyen and Juli’s IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Head down the rabbit hole with Winter Rae’s new Alt Electropop single “One of Us”

Atlanta-based Pop artist Winter Rae has invited you down the rabbit hole with her latest single “One of Us”. With a touch of archaic experimentalism within the infectiously fresh Alt Electropop mix, you can’t help but be immersed in the ingenuity which boasts quaint nuances of cabaret. Yet, One of Us stands as one of the most stylistic Pop drops of 2020.

“Fuck you but have a good day” may just be my new favourite lyric of all time. Winter Rae’s sound exceeds expectation on every single level. The authenticity, the alluring vocal timbre, the witty sass-dripping attitude in the lyrics, the commitment to ensuring that a song like One of Us has never been on the airwaves before, it’s all there. Watch this space.

You can check out One of Us on all major streaming platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Candian artist Avry soothes the nights tension with new track ”Close To Me”

Avry is a singer-songwriter from Toronto in beautiful Canada. He sets the dance floor alight with his hot new R&B effort called ”Close To Me”.

The Vancouver-born singer is in top form here and this is a wonderful song. It’s pure and full of sultry lyrics. You can feel the tension here that is soothed by the sexy style and wordplay.

Avry is also part of a trio named 4.0.4 with fellow producer Memblm and vocalist NS. He rides solo on this one and the new song is full of R&B/Pop fusion that makes your feet move.

Close To Me” is all about wanting to spend time with that special person in your life. You want to be close to them but aren’t putting too much pressure in the moment. Keeping things natural is the way forward here and seeing what happens. You don’t want to lose the free-spirit in your life but would love nothing more than being with them all the time.

This is one of the smoothest song of 2020 that has a great message to it. Avry is in fine voice here on ”Close To Me” as he seductively enters into our world with this tremendous effort.

Check out the Spotify link for this song and show support there.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen