Is This One Big Gamble: Portsmouth’s OSD wonders what the odds are with the self-aware ‘Be More Selfless’

Taken off his brand new three-track EP called ‘Next Day Delivery‘, OSD shows us his rising brilliance with the introspective story about wanting to put the past in the dustbin and move into fresh waters of healing on ‘Be More Selfless‘.

OSD is a UK-based hip-hop artist, music producer, songwriter, and vocalist from Portsmouth. He makes that intelligent music that is full of realness, which is an underground gem all the way.

Over the recent years I have put more focus into writing lyrics, recording vocals and vocal production. This year I finally decided to create the OSD project, this is a project designed to let me be as creative and experimental as an artist.” ~ OSD

With an effortlessly smooth flow that has you totally entrenched into his sensational story – you heartily sense his terrifically honest style that is a masterful listen – which catches your attention with his wittily real lyrics. You feel like he is an artist that entrances the mic like a formidable wizard and swirls up the speakers to intoxicating levels of totally ear-soothing enjoyment.

Be More Selfless‘ from the South Coast, UK-based artist OSD, is an inspirational story about knowing you need to be better. You look up to your Auntie and know that you should aim to be as faithful as her. He seeks the path that shall take him onto a road that has him smiling from ear to ear, which is a swift move from what he was undesirably sucked into before.

If this is his redemption journey, we need to lock into the ride as it feels like he is only scratching the surface of his destined potential.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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