I Can See Them Upset: Rxch x Charmaine Renee shows us the WALK grind on thirsty new track

With too much to lose to impress anybody, Rxch x Charmaine Renee brings us the heat on a majestic single to dance with all night long and this must-listen is called WALK.

Rxch is a well-respected songwriting prodigy and Detroit-based indie rapper who is joined by exemplary vocalist Charmaine Renee as they fuse rather incredibly lyrical masterpieces.

With the latest single off the new joint album entitled Rxch x Renee: A Love Story, these two have created a body-grooving sizzler to play rather loud. There is a fantastic fusion between two close souls, as this is an outstanding single made for those who like it real.

With a relatable story all about walking the walk and brushing off small-minded fools, we find two artists who show us the way forward in life.

WALK from Detroit-based indie rapper/vocalist combo Rxch x Charmaine Renee has dropped a rather inspiring track which will certainly edge up the voltage into our veins. There is a magnificent blend of carefully rolled bars to summon all the goodness to return to the world, in a few minutes of a quality gem to appreciate for its genuineness.

See this vid on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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