I Like The Way You Move Your Lips: The Morning Room impress highly on groovy love tune ‘Blush and Stammer’

As their eyes lock in tight and the enthralled heart starts to beat so much faster, The Morning Room show us that intimate moment which changes everything with the visually pleasing new music video for their second single ‘Blush and Stammer‘.

The Morning Room is an exciting indie-dream pop duo from San Diego and San Francisco, USA. They have a crisply toned and highly satisfying energy that has been created by former solo artist, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Chris Avetta and music producer Ryan King.

Her scrumptiously alluring vocals are equally matched with a sensational beat that has your curious mind alive with excitement. These two make a tremendous team that brings a mood that is thrilling and full of vibes that are quite electrically-charged, with a wonderfully calm and consistent tempo.

This is the sweet story of love that has the lips quivering in anticipation – as the bite inside is quick but noticeable – when you know what you want and are on a mission to see where this could possibly lead.

Blush and Stammer‘ from the top notch indie-pop duo and longtime friends The Morning Room, is a terrific combination of excellent skill sets that shows their trust in each other. This is a fine song that is so captivating and has your mind racing as the sparks are flying, which tell you that this is going to be an exciting night that has just started.

See this party-filled music video on YouTube and see more on their IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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