Maryland-based indie rock act Old Foes drops powerfully executed new single ‘Appetite’

Sizzling the hot plate with a ravenously created single that deserves our instant attention, Old Foes brings the whole cutlery collection to full force on the powerful new single that might have you licking your lips called ‘Appetite‘.

Created by the Maryland, USA-based indie vocalist/guitarist Kyle Rigsby, Old Foes is a rock act that is putting out a new track on a bi-weekly schedule until the release of the much-awaited full album on 18 July 2022.

Old Foes sends our imagination into an enthralling spin with a speaker-slapping new single that might cause some eardrums to burst unexpectedly. They are a really top act who send us a foot-tapping marvel to behold, that is quite the terrific listen and might have you clicking your fingers until they are sore.

Appetite‘ from Maryland, USA-based rock act Old Foes, is one of those singles that you will find hard to forget quickly. The energy is certainly there to hug warmly into and the vocals shine through rather expertly, to give a track to remember that has started the train – for us to witness the next 9 – that is waiting patiently to be loved by all rock fans.

Hear their first single from this new project on Spotify and get more vibes via their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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