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New Jersey’s JD Kucharik doesn’t want that special heart to disappear on ‘Maybe You’ll Never Know’

Born from his brand new 4-track EP called ‘Passages‘, the underground legend JD Kucharik returns with a grateful-laced track that shows his true love for the kind person who causes him to glow like the summer night’s sky on ‘Maybe You’ll Never Know‘.

JD Kucharik is an experienced New Jersey, USA-based indie-rock singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and music producer.

Some decades ago, I built my home studio which has always allowed me to write, create and record all these years.” ~ JD Kucharik

Leaving us in no doubt that he is one of the most self-aware musicians of our time, JD Kucharik drops this real gem that is a really impressive single that will have you smiling for days on end.

Maybe You’ll Never Know‘ from much-respected indie-rock singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and music producer JD Kucharik, shows us into the mind of a man who sends us a nostalgically incredible release that is so high in class and style. He sends our earlobes into absolute bliss with a truly honest daydream, that will have you thinking deeply about the people who you ultimately respect. Leaving their side is the furthest thing on his mind, as he shows that rare loyalty that is severely lacking in modern society.

Hear this super new single on Spotify and check out the IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

New Jersey’s Morningside Lane hears that heartbeat that steams up the room on ‘Like A Season’

While the sizzling heat rises to induce a sweaty climate as the neighbour’s lights turn on frantically, Morningside Lane returns with the hot new single all about being with someone so passionate that the whole area knows what’s going on with ‘Like A Season‘.

Morningside Lane is a Palisades Park, New Jersey-based 4-piece indie-pop/rock band that has formulated a style that has you tapping your feet and grooving to the rhythm presented.

The band is currently creating brand new music, geared towards a modern 80s pop/synth sound.” ~ Morningside Lane

This is an experienced outfit that is only interested in entertaining at the loudest possible level and are their effusive best with a lightning rod of a track that sends shockwaves through your intrigued spine. Morningside Lane is the type of band that your whole family could love, as they bring a variety of thrilling soundscapes that has your ears perked up and your body enthused by the whole venture.

Like A Season‘ from the Palisades Park, New Jersey pop-rockers Morningside Lane, is a striking tale about wondering if things will ever calm down or keep you up all night. With that 80s ambience and filled with a real sizzle of intent from a band who have cultivated their sound just right, this is a track that will have you in a nostalgic dream filled with imagination.

Listen in to this new release on Spotify and check out the IG page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Mike Freund urges us to relax and let things flow naturally with ‘Breathe’

After encountering so much bad luck early on in his music career with a serious accident after his first gig and having his recording equipment stolen soon afterwards, Mike Freund shakes off all the previous doubt and is in a chilled mood with his latest single ‘Breathe‘.

Mike Freund is a Charleston, South Carolina-based, New Jersey-born indie blues/rock solo singer-songwriter who performs with a gritty and likeable style.

His first full-length solo album, Toe The Line, was a hit with bloggers, and since his latest album, And Now You Know, released this past summer, he’s racking up the views, the fans, and the love.” ~ Mike Freund

With a candid vocal performance that simmers nicely as you take a moment to relax for a minute in this overly-fast world, the hard-working Mike Freund sends us a heartfelt reminder that to be successful during these times you also need to find time to have a bit of fun otherwise your whole soul will be suffocated in toxic stress.

Breathe‘ from the brave Charleston, South Carolina-based, New Jersey-born indie blues/rock solo singer-songwriter Mike Freund, is the true story that we all needed to hear. The world is so fast and there are many alleys that can take your attention away when you should just keep things in perspective. Life is about enjoyment too, and stressing never seems to help anyway.

Listen to this new single on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Alex Tea takes us ‘Away’ with the gravitas in his latest kaleidoscopically blissful release

After spending two decades learning how to melodically speak to rhythmic pulses, the New Jersey-based composer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer, Alex Tea, has done more than hone in on his sound. Based on his latest artfully soulful, colourfully scored single, Away, he’s reached a new production plateau. To say that it is on the same level as Lou Reed’s iconic single, Perfect Day, wouldn’t be a stretch. It is the perfect amalgamation of vibrancy, emotional candour and hazy catharsis.

The intrinsic timelessness becomes paradoxical through the fresh feel of Alex Tea’s composition and production style. It scarcely comes as a surprise that he’s had his part to play in a significant number of collaborations and has worked with some of the most revered producers, including Pat Van Dyke and Victor Rice.

Each new release is a brand-new tonal palette; Alex Tea has an ever-intriguing tendency to experiment with his affinities for roots reggae, electro-pop, soul, folk and funk. You’ll hear nuances of them all in this kaleidoscopically blissful single.

Away is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

New Jersey indie outfit Rabbit Dream delivered swathes of alt 90s nostalgia in their debut album, The Golden Gone.

New Jersey’s most promising alt-indie rock outfit, Rabbit Dream, have released their debut album, The Golden Gone, which pulls in nuances of grunge, indie, art rock, garage rock and unravels as the ultimate alt 90s fan’s aural wet dream.

The standout single, Stander, is the perfect introduction to Rabbit Dream’s indulgently distorted tones, massive stadium-filling guitars that are just as robust as the licks in the National’s most anthemic tracks and the vocals that embed authenticity in the progressive single. Before the first instrumental buildup, the vocals are honeyed and sweet; after, they start to gather reminiscence to Julian Casablancas as the guitars dial up the frenetic energy. It isn’t your average indie rock earworm, but you’ll be more than inclined to return to it and give it repeat attention. Rabbit Dream is definitively one to watch; for your own sake as much as theirs.

Stander is now available to stream along with the rest of Rabbit Dream’s debut album via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Fill It: West Philly rapper Jus NBL drops hot new single ‘In My Bag’ (feat. Jp Da Illist)

As he gets used to the taste and keeps the flow in the upper echelon division, Jus NBL keeps his swag going until that number is called on ‘In My Bag(feat. Jp Da Illist).

Jus NBL is a supremely imaginative 21-years old West Philly-based indie hip-hop artist who has grown up around music his whole life and is now ready to comprehensively examine his inventive side.

Jus NBL is at his sublime peak with some skilled rhymes to truly ponder as he is joined by the top-notch New Jersey rapper Jp Da Illist on In My Bag. This is a cruising-around-looking-for-opportunity type of track that has you gazing around sharply, to make sure that no one is going to ruin your day with any ill-advised foolishness.

In My Bag’ (feat. Jp Da Illist) from the multi-talented West Philly rapper Jus NBL, is a move-mountains track all about keeping your tribe strong and never giving up no matter what is going down. Both of these mightily promising hip-hop studs have the airwaves on full blast – with a bass-shaking single – that will keep your head bobbing all night as you cruise around these dangerous streets.

Getting that bag filled up to the brim and keeping it safe, is the only mission.

Hear the vibe on Spotify and see more via his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Gaining Control: New Jersey hard rock band N.A.S.H warn us about that ‘Scary House’

As the creaking door of the normal-looking house 31 opens up for us to peer inside, N.A.S.H shows us into the place where knives are sharpened on the daily with their brand new single ‘Scary House‘.

N.A.S.H is a New Jersey, USA-based four-piece hard rock band that performs with a raging fire in their ravenous-to-make-it bellies that very few other acts possess.

Our performances are meant to bring back the age of big rock stage shows that leave your ears ringing, your neck strained, and your heart wanting more. Our fans are our friends, and they are the people we need to get our music to.” ~ N.A.S.H

You feel this edgy band take things up a notch on probably their best single yet in the signature N.A.S.H way, as ‘Scary House‘ slices through your horror-movie consciousness with a sharpness that will probably have your skin feeling better more sensitive, after witnessing this excellent new cake-stabbing single.

Scary House‘ from the New Jersey-based hard rockers N.A.S.H, is a thrilling experience from start to finish. The vocals are so gritty and real, the ravaging riffs are quite the experience to witness, and the music video has been made to perfection which makes it feel like a real movie. With pulsating energy and bass-busting soundscapes to have your nervous mind pondering what really happens behind closed doors, this is an excellent Halloween single for us to truly appreciate.

See this brand new music video on YouTube and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Trust The Process: New Jersey pop rock act Morningside Lane urge us to keep the faith on ‘Good Men’

Inspired by The 1975, The Killers, and Dua Lipa, Morningside Lane are back with some sumptuciously memorable melodies to make that heart feel warmer again despite the cold winds around the corner on ‘Good Men‘.

Morningside Lane is a Palisades Park, New Jersey-based indie pop rock band who throw in their own spin of 80’s inspired synth-soaked treats to evoke memories you can’t ever forget.

This is one of the more mood-transforming songs of the year as everything heard is neatly packaged to only lace in, a blend of wonderous goodness over all of our starved-for-real bodies. With freshly formed vocals and a sonic soundscape to take all the pressure off – this is a delightful effort from a top class band – who seem to only get better after each release.

Good Men‘ from the Palisades Park, New Jersey-based indie pop rock outfit Morningside Lane, is that let-the-universe-decide-your-journey that is made with a calming texture of love to make everything seem okay again. There is a natural energy here that is rather transfixing and so pleasant to hear – as the reverb and delay seems to mesh so sweetly like candy in your mouth- as we are transformed into the sky above where everything is so peaceful. This is the type of track to put on late at night after work, as you close your eyes to imagine a better world for all.

Check out this fine new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Please Come Back: Jimmy OIOIOIO drops swan-loving new single ‘Bed Stuy’

Blending those artistic fantasies and raw emotion together, Jimmy OIOIOIO leads honestly us into his brand new track with the wonderfully-made ‘Bed Stuy‘.

Jimmy Peck aka Jimmy OIOIOIO, is an indie alt pop-rock/shoegaze solo artist, music student and music producer from New Jersey.

He is noted for using a unique mix of various musical styles such as dream pop, commercial pop, electropop, industrial, shoegaze, baroque pop, and indie rock, and filtering them through his lens of whimsical, ethereal, and campy aesthetics to craft something that is truly inspired.” ~ Jimmy OIOIOIO

With a fascinating thought to this romantic situation, he perfectly illustrates the moment that has you feeling so warm inside your loved up soul. He sings with such a gush-filled style which has you in a trance the whole time, as we are taken through this sweet story of that rare true love.

In a moment of boredom a couple of months ago, my artist friend, Krista Webster, asked me for an idea of something to doodle. I said, ‘do two swans!’. She drew Daphne & Matilda. These swans were so gorgeous, and so madly in love, it possessed me to write and produce a song about them that afternoon in just around half an hour or so. The process of creating Bed Stuy was very automatic. It’s like it was written by the swans themselves and not me.” ~ Jimmy OIOIOIO

Bed Stuy‘ from the New Jersey-based pop/rock artist Jimmy OIOIOIO, is a shoegaze-filled release which is full of an intoxicating beat that takes you to a new world. Made with a love for the moment and imagining two sweet swans in love – this is a caring single with an affectionate edge – that has you feeling rather entrenched into this cute story. With promising vocal ability and a tremendously original style, this is a lovely single that will have you feeling so intrigued about an artist who truly uses that all-important imagination.

Hear this fine new single on Spotify and see more via his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

DC Millionz regrets the ‘XO’s in his seminal trap track

Up and coming hip hop artist, DC Millionz, proved that he’s seamlessly in line with the contemporary trap trends with the release of his debut EP, Dc’s World, which follows on from his 2021 debut single, be safe.

The standout single from his EP, XO, is the perfect introduction to his raw lyricism, enigmatic personality and angst-stripping melodies. It is easily one of the most realistic love songs to hit the airwaves in 2021 for the way it encompasses ghosting and the regret that hits us after connecting with the wrong people only to find ourselves even more alone.

The philosophical proposition that the romantics ruined everything by implanting unattainable ideals rings especially true in XO. It proves that not all scepticism is cynicism; sometimes, it is just common sense to take a dim view of what romance puts in front of us.

XO is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast