Surrender to the divinity of Zanny Xy’s ukulele anthem, Hungry Ghost

After being gifted a ukulele and penning a song under a full moon, the debut 3-track EP, Chartreuse Phoenix, was composed, and the rest is far from history for the spiritually compelling singer-songwriter, Zanny Xy.

The standout single on the EP, Hungry Ghost, pairs the strikingly soul-stirring vocal timbre of Xy with the zealously plucked nylon strings that spill serotonin in exactly the same way as when Amanda Palmer picked up a Ukulele and recorded In My Mind.

After heading to Maui solo in 2021 to heal and rise from the ashes, Xy came out as trans, left a career in tech, and continues to travel and make music-full time through the belief that art is integral to the sanctity of the human condition. We wholeheartedly agree. If anyone has what it takes to lead the soul-seeking revolution, it is Zanny Xy.

Chartreuse Phoenix was officially released at the end of 2022; you can check it out by heading to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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