Super Love has made their endearingly sweet Indie Rock debut with “Vortex”

With reminiscences to Amanda Palmer’s upbeat cabaret style, we were always going to find Super Love’s Alt Indie Rock debut single “Vortex” endearing.

Every time I encounter an up and coming artist as boldly distinctive as Super Love, my faith is restored in the music industry. Yet, music fans looking for familiarity will be pleased to hear there’s also plenty of familiar Rock elements – ensuring that you’re not entering a completely alien soundscape.

The eccentrically shrill vocals may be playful but paying close attention to them will reveal that Vortex is a highly sobering track. I’m fairly sure we’ve all felt the pressure of having to share our personal lives on Social Media. If that’s you, you’ll find plenty of resonance in Vortex.

You can check out Super Love’s debut single Vortex for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast.

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