HKneverdie -Adderall: Your New High-Octane Hip Hop Earworm

There have been very few 2018 Hip Hop releases which have hit us just as hard as HKneverdie’s single Adderall which was released on December 6th. The relentless flow of the Rap verses which match the rhythm of the harsh snares in the Trap beat leave you in awe of the up and coming artist’s seemingly lack of a requirement for oxygen.

Yet, Adderall is much more than just fast versing, the single constantly switches in lyrical styles from a reserved matter of fact offering of introspection to the pure loss of restraint as the lyrics continue to spiral through absolute ingenuity.

With HKneverdie’s ability to wax lyrical at the speed of light, the lyrical depth and the fact that the beat which was polished to perfection by Blacklight Productions HKneverdie is a triple threat to the other underground Rap artists right now.

You can check out HKneverdie’s latest single Adderall for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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