P Washington releases new track MORE LOVE alongside brilliant TP-inspired visual

P Washington has recently released his track ‘MORE LOVE’ with an accompanying music video that encapsulates current times with exceptional skill and humor. 

The introspective rhythm kicking off the track combined with Washington’s bars makes it able to feel personal in a way that many other genre contemporaries need much more time to establish with their listener. Wordplay, flow and melody are all on point across MORE LOVE – an incredibly polished offering from an artist who has all the jigsaw pieces to build a cult following for lovers of introspective rap and cute melodies. 

That following could and should be cultivated by what makes this track stand out above all: the accompanying music visual. It’s a clever piece of work that I hope gets saved in enough historian’s books when understanding why masks and toilet paper caused so much drama in 2020. Definitely worth a watch with the music turned up.

You can watch ‘MORE LOVE’ on P Washington’s YouTube channel now

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