Stu Mcloughlin – Drink To Me Only With Your Eyes

The subject matter for songs is as varied and diverse as the people who write them. They allow us to express emotions, make important points, talk about the world around us or the world that we would like to see. One subject matter that has always been on the table is that of love, longing and unrequited love and Stu McLoughlin makes this abundantly clear with his re-imagining of Ben Jonson’s famous poem Song: For Celia into a wonderful modern acoustic solo piece. 400 years may have passed between that poem and this song, but it shows that as people the same things are largely at the centre of our lives. The heart has always wanted what the heart wants.

This dexterous acoustic song captures the echo of ancient music and 60’s folk revivalism but its real charm lies in the lyrics, the first half a modernisation of the original poem, the second an update of the same sentiment expressed through the trappings of a more modern experience. It’s great, unexpectedly accessible considering the material he has chosen to work with, wonderfully emotive, musically elegant and lyrically eloquent.

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