Jon Worthy – Only A Dream: A Lo Fi Dreamscape of Rhythmic Insanity

With an opening track as charismatically glorious as ‘You Drive Me Insane’ it’s hard not to fall in love with Jon Worthy’s Lo Fi softly raucous album Only A Dream. Sanity (or lack of) seems to be quite a strong recurring theme throughout the album which may be why I found it so easy to develop such a strong affinity. I have an infinite amount of respect for recording artists who let their lyrics run with the creative chaos that echoes around their beautifully deep psyche. Better yet, Jon Worthy encapsulated the creative insanity through his naturally enigmatic talent that allows him to create such succinctly sweet anthemic tracks. Yet no track on the album hit me as hard as the title track Only A Dream, which nods to the disparity within current political disparities. Even the deeper issues that are explored on the track are brought to life through the upbeat jangle of the guitar, that makes Jon Worthy’s sound a pleasure to soak up.

To any fans of Fidlar, Pavement and Lower than Atlantis, Only A Dream is an album you definitely don’t want to miss out on. You can check out John Worthy’s 2018 album which was released January 12th on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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