Stressed out: Rapper Dan gets the calibration just right on ‘Talk To Me’ (feat. Jessica Gerhardt)

Taken off his latest twelve-track album named ‘Rapper Dan Goes To Los Angeles‘, Rapper Dan is quite brilliant on his return to the music scene with ‘Talk To Me‘ (feat. Jessica Gerhardt).

Rapper Dan is an enlightened Los Angeles-based emcee with a mellow flow, who consciously gets straight to the point without all the unnecessary flashy bling and swag, that weighs down what music is really all about.

After being featured on the classic ESPN sports show Pardon the Interruption with Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon recently, you feel like this could be the big break he needed to fully realize his wildest dreams.

This is the sweet story of a lover being worried about her man, as he is stressed out all the time and she wants to see him happy. The flow is so compellingly consistent and simple, with a satisfying beat that you can’t help but enjoy on this sunglasses-on, ride through to the beach type of single, that truly hits the right spot.

Talk To Me‘ (feat. Jessica Gerhardt) from Rapper Dan is a wonderfully projected indie hip-hop song featuring sultry but classy vocals and a chilled rap delivery, that has you swaying around like it was summer again.

Stream this top track on Spotify and see more of his rise up on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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