Three Simple Rules: Make Music, Travel, Write About It

Dance in the Noise by E.M.Briar

The simplest ideas are the best and the most effective, so when E.M Briar woke up in the middle of the night and jotted three things down in her notebook, the next day she took the first steps on a completely new direction in life. Make Music, Travel, Write About It, six words which ushered in a new chapter and which as resulted in some brilliant music.

Since then in the guise of new artist E. M Briar she set about learning a new musical skill set as well as, as she puts it, collaborated with her former self to find her inner alt-dance/pop self and the result is her debut album Dance In The Noise, from which Parity is taken. It is a smooth late night vibe rendered into pop music, but swathed also in dreamy electronica and exotic sound palettes. They say travel broadens the mind, E. M Briar’s exquisite music is certainly living proof of that fact.

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