Spiritual awakening 8udDha bl0od style with new song ‘’Only Water 22;11;33: Y!n & y.:.ng; M37 H3R0!n3 7h3 1778’’

8udDha bl0od

With the Amazonian sounding drums at the beginning and the raw guitar riff, this is an experimental song that feels like we are the band’s friends, lucky enough to be on the couch- sipping on a cold beverage and listening to the next big thing live at work.

The Brighton Psych Pop/Rock boys are back and this time they turn up the heat real high that it’s steaming on the speakers. They really let it all out, not holding back anything or for anyone. It doesn’t even matter that the lyrics are hard to decipher, the guitar skills and drum elements are absolutely incredible. This track finds the band in top form and we are just lucky to be here for the ride.

The unique style of ’Only Water 22;11;33: Y!n & y.:.ng; M37 H3R0!n3 7h3 1778’’ blows me away and this is the tribal anthem of 2020 right here.

With quality music firing all the time, stream 8udDha bl0od on SoundCloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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