Smoke Till I Sleep: London-based rapper BRNSRGHT wakes up in his dreams on ‘Daffodils’

As he quickly picks the beautiful plant off the ground so that he may see beauty again, BRNSRGHT wonders if he can stay sane in this rather weird world that doesn’t seem real with his fiery new single ‘Daffodils‘.

BRNSRGHT is a confident Lithuanian-born, London, England-based singer-songwriter, rapper and music producer, who works with and assists other artists. He makes that burning karma type of music that he feels best describes his  electric energy, as he creates through experiences from his life so far.

In summer of 2016, Lukas experienced an explosion in a London pub that left him with 3rd degree burns covering 15% of his body. In recovery, through physical pain and addiction to numbing it, BRNSRGHT found solace in writing and producing his beats; soon after, rapping on them became the best form of self-therapy.” – BRNSRGHT

His flow is quite tidy indeed, as his honest delivery has you thinking rather deeply about how you have been handling the last year. He has needed to smoke constantly so he can sleep – and wakes up in a world that he feels is a strange dream – that won’t fade away easily.

Daffodils‘ from skillful Lithuanian-born, London, England-based music producer and rapper BRNSRGHT, shows us a man who is on the edge of the building, as he looks down and wonders what it all really means. He just wants to love and be loved, as he raps with such vigor and relevance to express himself, so that he may gain more perspective. This is a promising artist who has clearly found his niche – as he makes that sound which so many look for as they seek the much-need guidance – to continue during these darkly-lit days.

Stream this new music video on YouTube and see more of his style via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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