Slow Down: Shawn Butzin reminds us to appreciate what we have on ‘Smell the Roses’

After returning home after the unfortunate passing of his late father, Shawn Butzin was so inspired by his long walks in the peaceful Michigan mountains to make tender music so he could sooth his soul and ‘Smell the Roses‘ symbolizes his healing journey.

Shawn Butzin is an award-winning Colorado to Michigan indie-folk singer-songwriter, who foraged himself out of the darkness of mourning, to plant a new seed into the world for us to be uplifted through his deeply heartfelt music.

Taken off his debut solo album, ‘Northern Trails‘, this is a message to turn the volume down, shut the phone off, take a breath and look around to really see what is in front of you. That self-aware reflection is so real and true, your heart beats a bit faster as you remember that loving memory of those left behind in these often barren landscapes, that can hide the true beauty unless you actually seek it out.

His voice is sad and genuine at the same time, as you feel a tear drop down your cheek as you listen closer to this wonderful musician who through those long walks along the stunning Northern Michigan’s trails and campsites, found his peace through music to help us all realize what is really important.

Smell the Roses‘ from Traverse City, Michigan-based indie singer-songwriter Shawn Butzin, is that memory that you can’t shake off your mind, the true impact of this song will only be felt when you deal with this moment of loss but will forever remain in your soul. The way he beautifully leads you with him on the trail of healing, is quite remarkable.

Stream this classic song on Spotify and join his long walks in the mountains on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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