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Submerge yourself in the concordance of Jack McKeever’s latest single “Here We Go Lifting”

If Jack McKeever’s single “Here We Go Lifting” had been produced in the 70s, gained international acclaim and allowed plenty of time for nostalgic appeal to kick in, people would still be spinning the record today with the same enthusiasm they reserve for the likes of Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits.

Here We Go Lifting is a stark reminder that accolades are no indication of what a soundscape can offer. Jack McKeever’s ability to submerge you in the concordance of his unique aural creations is unparalleled. Through whiskey-soaked vocals and an ethereally light Indie Jazz-soaked Folk nuanced arrangement, Here We Go Lifting is captivating from start to finish.

There are also faint reminiscences of Nick Cave, Bowie and Elton John to be uncovered in the truly cathartic single. The warmth of the wistful tones will stay with you for long after the track has gently faded to a close.

You can check out Jack McKeever’s single for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Taylor Paul – If There Was No Tomorrow: Serenely Reflective Indie Pop

We all tend to take time and our mortality for granted. Taylor Paul’s latest single “If There Was No Tomorrow” is a sweetly stark reminder to use our time a little more wisely.

The weight behind Taylor Paul’s words definitely doesn’t fail to resonate in this gently melodic, intricately arrestive offering of Indie Pop Rock.

While their virtuosic guitar skills aren’t the main focus in If There Was No Tomorrow, they make it all too easy to immerse yourself within the reflective serenity offered by the soundscape. It may be a relatively simple single, yet, tracks such as these will always be timelessly essential.

You can check out If There Was No Tomorrow which was released on December 24th for yourselves by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Brayden George – Perfect Strangers: Sticky Sweet Acoustic Folk Pop

Up and coming singer-songwriter Brayden George made their debut earlier this year with the single “Perfect Strangers”.  Any fans of acoustic folk-pop artists such as Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber will definitely want to check it out.

The soundscape may be simplistic, but the sentiment definitely isn’t. Although there may be myriads of sticky sweet acoustic Pop love songs on the airwaves, it’s still refreshing to hear a new artist’s individualistic, honest, candid expression. As much as we loved perfect strangers, we’d love to hear Brayden George set themselves apart from the rest rather than aim to achieve the most accessible track as possible. They’ve got the talent, a touch of dynamism will go a long way.

You can check out Brayden George’s single Perfect Strangers by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast.


Lucy Mayhew – Where’s the Wisdom: Absorbingly Quintessential Indie Blues Folk

Singer-songwriter Lucy Mayhew has recently released her latest feat of bluesy folk pop with the single “Where’s the Wisdom”. With the stripped-back instrumental arrangement, the absorbing lyrics hit you with an instantaneous resonance.

The powerful lyrics unravelled like meta poetry versed through Lucy Mayhew’s nuanced serene vocals which sat perfectly against the vibrant yet concordant melodies in Where’s the Wisdom.

The question in the track title is answered when you hit play on the intellectually-inspired single which aptly digs out the roots of our societal disparity before giving you a brand-new perspective to consider adopting. Aural salvation is needed now more than ever on the airwaves and Lucy Mayhew has proven that you don’t need to write angsty tracks to create an effective perspective-shifting protest song.

You can check out Lucy Mayhew’s latest single Where’s the Wisdom for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Indie Electronica Artist Oak Glen Have Mixed Up Their Sound with the Acoustic Single “Killing You”

Indie Electronica artist Oak Glen first appeared on our radar earlier this year with the sultry, moody Electronica single “Enemy”. Their most recent single “Killing You” played out on an acoustic guitar stands as a testament to both their talent as songwriters and to their versatility.

The electronic version of Killing You is due to follow, but for now, delving into the emotively arrestive acoustic tones of Killing You is highly recommended.

While most tracks played out on an acoustic guitar can leave you feeling painfully aware that you’re solely listening to a guitar, you’re far too captivated with the way the vocals gel against the deft woody guitar notes to notice. The vocals aren’t just dynamic in the notes they can easily stretch to, but also in the range of emotion which is offered as the pensively sweet single unfolds.

You can check out Oak Glen’s single for yourselves by heading over to Apple music.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Sham Chewali – The Non Believer: Accordantly Sweet Experimental Acoustic Folk

Manchester-based Experimental Folk artist Sham Chewali released their latest single “The Non Believer” on November 1st. It’s safe to say that any fans of Billy Bragg are going to want to hear it.

The gentle melodies, the unsugared unmistakably Northern vocals (no one does melancholy better than us Northerners), and the image-conjuring lyrics all contribute to making the Non Believer a resonantly magnetic single.

And it is with their distinctive guitar work where Sham Chewali really sets themselves apart. The good majority of Folk music may lead you to believe that there are limitations when it comes to the chord progressions. But in The Non Believer, Chewali’s guitar offers intimately intricate rhythms along with sublime Bluesy finger-picked serenity.

You can check out Sham Chewali’s latest single The Non Believer for yourselves by heading over to Bandcamp now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Oh Moses – The Company You Keep: Stunningly Melodic Acoustic Indie

New England-based Indie duo Oh Moses has recently released their strikingly distinctive EP “The Company You Keep”.  While you may find it hard to imagine that there are new avenues to take Indie Acoustic Folk Rock, Oh Moses won’t fail to leave you captivated by the organic mesmerism which is found on their EP – especially with the title track.

Instead of attempting to assimilate the archetypal Acoustic Indie sound, Matthew Drew utilised their endearingly characteristic vocals to add to the sweet melodicism of The Company You Keep. Working in semi-orchestral build-ups gave The Company You Keep a progressive feel which keeps you hooked in the fluid catharsis as the single unravels.

In short, The Company You Keep is a stunning single, so do your soul a favour and hit play.

You can check out the latest EP from Oh Moses for yourselves by heading over to Bandcamp now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Mark Gunner releases their second acoustic folk-pop single “Now I’m Here”

Finding an acoustic folk-pop artist whose soundscapes perceptibly standout from the rest is no easy feat, which is why it was more than refreshing to check out Mark Gunner’s second single “Now I’m Here”.

The minimalistic instrumental arrangement in Now I’m Here is extremely efficacious in feeding you primal and organic rhythms at the same time as utilising plenty of spatial effects to allow Mark Gunner’s morose lyrics and vocals to echo in the spaces between the delicate notes.

The woody, intricate and light textures within Now I’m Here, allows the single to unfold as an eccentrically sweet soundscape, while Mark Gunner uses his distinctive vocals as a captivating strength. God knows we have enough Ed Sheeran assimilations on the airwaves, but Mark Gunner is poles apart from aural mediocrity.

You can check out Mark Gunner’s stunningly endearing single Now I’m Here for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


J.Marco Johnson Releases their Latest Indie Soul Pop Single “Tell Me How I’m Supposed to Feel”

Acoustic Indie Pop doesn’t come much more delicate than J.Marco Johnson’s latest single “Tell Me How I’m Supposed to Feel”.

Any fans of Bill Ryder-Jones are sure to appreciate how J.Marco Johnson has orchestrated his deftly gentle soundscape with cathartically ambient vocals and fingerpicked acoustic guitar.

While we could definitely appreciate the honestly, lightness and candidness of Tell Me How I’m Supposed to Feel, in parts, it felt as though the track was slightly overly extended due to the pace the minimalistic melodies moved at. But if you’re looking for soothing concordance, you won’t go far wrong hitting play on Tell Me How I’m Supposed to Feel which still stands as a testament to J.Marco Johnson’s mastery on a fretboard.

You can check out J.Marco Johnson’s latest single Tell Me How I’m Supposed to Feel for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Marni’s Hauntedly Magnetic Acoustic Single “2055”

With absolutely no hesitation, the atmospheric melancholy of the up and coming artist Marni’s latest single 2055 hits you.

Whilst it may take a while for you to feel comfortable within the single, once you’re there you’ll be sharing in the same plaintively raw emotion Marni expressively pours into the candid single. Any fans of Radiohead, Tom Odell, Dan Owen and Jacko Hooper are sure to appreciate the slow and tentative arrangement of 2055 which starts off with Marni’s organically textured vibrato vocals accompanied by the acoustic guitar. Yet, as 2055 progresses, the momentum builds and swells until you’re treated to a hauntingly mesmeric masterpiece which will stay with you for long after the single has faded to a quiet close.

You can check out Marni’s latest single 2055 for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast