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Blake Baker is captivating in his wistfully listless single, Mind the Gap

The up-and-coming genre-fluid singer-songwriter Blake Baker became the ultimate raconteur of relatable melancholy while simultaneously delivering sonic sanctuary with his latest acoustic single, Mind the Gap.

The profound and beautifully crafted introspective piece resonates with the soulful narrative strength of classic folk songwriting; Baker’s skill in blending this traditional foundation with an Americana blues essence results in a song that is both timeless and refreshingly original.

Lyrically, Mind the Gap paints a vivid, cinematic portrait of a protagonist who feels overlooked and invisible amidst the bustling society around him. This theme of alienation and longing for connection speaks directly to anyone who has struggled to find their place in the world. Baker’s ability to capture this sentiment in his eloquently compassionate lyricism is beyond compare as the track anchors around his rich, sonorous voice which can carry the low timbres as well as the highs he maintains resonant depth.

Mind the Gap is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Explore the world on Iago Banet’s fretboard in his seminal composition, Iago’s Guitar

Iago Banet orchestrated the antithesis of While My Guitar Gently Weeps with the vivacious vibrance in ‘Iago’s Guitar’, taken from his critically acclaimed album, TRES. The musical piece is a journey through Banet’s extraordinary skill, creativity, and mind-bending rhythmic command which remains captivatingly authentic as a constant. Each strum and pluck of the acoustic guitar strings resonates with intention and artistry.

There’s a cheeky, spirited nature to Banet’s acoustic composition skills that subvert all expectations. Rather than solely melody-making, he’s weaving stories which allow you to travel around the world on his fretboard which explores a smorgasbord of cultural styles. Iago’s Guitar is just one of the testaments to Banet’s ability to blend gypsy jazz, blues, Americana, country, Dixieland, swing, pop, and folk into a harmonious and exhilarating experience.

Described by BBC Radio 3’s Sean Rafferty as “a master of the guitar” and as ‘nothing short of phenomenal’ by R’n’R Magazine, Banet’s talent is undeniable. His third album, TRES, has been a sensation, with multiple sell-out shows and sensational receptions across the UK. Iago Banet’s journey, from discovering a classical guitar as a teenager to becoming ‘The Galician King of Acoustic Guitar’, is not just a story of musical proficiency but also of passion and dedication. We can’t wait to see what accolades await him in his destined to be illustrious career.

Stream TRES in full via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Lou Reed meets Tom Waits in the tender warmth of Lance La Breche’s latest seminal piano score, One Last Dance

Killing The Pistanthrophobe by Lance LaBreche

With vocal lines as arresting as the plaintive harmonies drenching Tom Wait’s Closing Time LP with soulfully spirited melancholy, the standout single, One Last Dance, from Lance La Breche’s upcoming album, Killing the Pisanthrophobe, is a piano-led score you’ll want to surrender to time after time.

The Lou Reed-esque keys also play a heavy hand in allowing you to succumb to the impassioned gravity within the single orchestrated by the Raleigh, NC residing self-taught singer-songwriter, who photographs architecture in the daylight and renders resolving melodies by the shroud of night.

The bluesy sepia-tinged tones and the endlessly compelling yearning for perfect nights to last forever won’t fail to fill you with the same tender warmth which flows through the score which abandons inhibition for vulnerability, to superlatively stunning effect.

Stream and purchase One Last Dance on Bandcamp, and keep Lance La Breche on your radar for the release of his forthcoming LP, which is set to drop on December 15.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Jeff Jepson has released his haunting hymnal gem, The Good-Night Song

The critically acclaimed singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Jeff Jepson is set to garner a fresh wave of impassioned reverence with his Christmas-tinged EP, Sparkle. If this is your first acquaintance with the artist who rose to fame in Liverpool and has recently replanted his musical roots in the Isle of Man, the standout single, The Good-Night Song, is the perfect introduction to the master of poignant melody.

Whether it was the finiteness in the lyricism or the way the acoustic guitar’s euphonic rings intensified the affecting sting within the captivating vocal delivery in the arrangement which visualises the sparseness of winter branches, I couldn’t help but shed a tear as Jepson’s evocatively honeyed timbres quivered in the frost of the hymnal gem which will haunt you long past the outro.

The Sparkle EP illuminated the airwaves on November 10th; kindle your affinity with the 4-track release via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Settle in for a ‘Long Hard Winter’ with Ben Brooks’ Americana Folk single, ft EG Vines

If you can already feel Seasonal Affective Disorder kicking in, sink into the latest single, Long Hard Winter, by the Americana folk raconteur Ben Brooks.

Created in collaboration with EG Vines, the meta single cleverly runs in the parallels between the winter phases of our lifetimes and the bitterly cold season which leaves serotonin in short supply; both of which leave us yearning for the spring and summer of youth and the warmth that allows the trees to blossom.

With a sonic style as arrestingly affecting as Bob Dylan and Neil Young, Ben Brooks, who has recently found his voice and inspiration again post-Covid, is perceptibly back in his stride. This bitter-sweet earworm will undoubtedly become a great source of comfort for many as the leaf litter thickens and days darken. Even though it was written during the hardest winter during the pandemic, it’s a smorgasbord of sun-toned soul.

Stream Long Hard Winter on all major platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

The indie raconteur Zarko let it flow in his acoustic expedition to ‘River Town’

If you still revere Closing Time by Tom Waits as one of the best albums of all time, you’ll find the latest single, River Town, from the Serbian indie folk raconteur Zarko just as resolving in its acoustic rapture.

The instrumentals may be minimal, but that didn’t get in the way of the up-and-coming singer-songwriter when he put his masterful mind to painting a panoramic picture of barflies in a town which used to conjure brighter emotions. I’m sure we can all relate to the alienating sense of dejection that ebbs away at our ability to feel anything but numb. With River Town on the airwaves, the sensation feels infinitely less lonely.

On the basis of River Town alone, Zarko should be celebrating the same success as Amigo the Devil with his delectable brand of folk blues. For your own sake, pay the hit song a visit.

River Town was officially released on September 2nd; stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

It’s ‘Gemini’ season in the latest blues folk single by Goldschatz

Genres are defied and the soul transcends in the latest dual-harmony-driven single, Gemini, from the duo Goldschatz. Despite Timothy Jaromir and Rykka hailing from Switzerland and Canada, respectively, nothing was lost in translation in the spiritually spirited acoustic blues-folk release, which teases the soul-affirming singles to come in the upcoming EP, TWIN FLAME.

Even if Father John Misty and Stevie Nicks joined melodic forces in a euphonic portal back to 70s blues, the alchemy wouldn’t sound as sweet as the synergy that breathes through the power couple’s sound, which has seen them become one of the hottest breakthrough artists in Switzerland.

Whether they’re gracing the airwaves or live music venues, Goldschatz never fails to make an impression when they share their poetic introspection over their timelessly enrapturing antidotes to ennui. If you need to reinvigorate your lust for life by exposing yourself to the potential magic of it, delve into their rich discography of soul-rendered singles.

Gemini officially released on September 1st; stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Alexander Joseph illuminated the airwaves with his elevated folk-pop single, Guiding Star

If your folk-pop playlists need a boost, the evocatively uplifting latest single, Guiding Star, from Alexander Joseph will elevate them until they reach a new plateau of accordant soul.

If you know all too well how it feels to fear fading into obscurity, Guiding Star will deliver illuminating resonance. Traversing themes of desperation to escape while having no sense of direction was the ultimate affirmation that the singer-songwriter crafted this compassionately melodic single straight from his jaded soul.

There may not be any way to abstract the complexities and uncertainties of life, but hitting play on a track and knowing you’re not the only dog in the disjointing fight is as close to a sanctuary this society can provide.

If you can’t get enough of Alexander Joseph’s consoling lyricism, you don’t have long to wait for the UK artist’s EP, Stop and Breathe, which is due out in October. The EP will be used to raise funds for the charity One Tree Planted, which is combatting the impact of global warming through vital reforestation work.

Guiding Star was officially released on August 25; stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Joey Sherman sings the beatnik blues in his acoustic rock single, Moonlit Night

Moonlit Night is the seminal lo-fi acoustic rock single from the singer-songwriter, Joey Sherman, who needs little more than an acoustic guitar, his engrossingly assured vocal timbre and his beatnik lyrics that will easily appeal to any fans of Jack Kerouac and Bob Dylan.

As the ardent chords ring, Sherman transfuses Midwestern soul into the soundscape that may be rough around the edges, but it is still a shot to the heart for anyone who knows how it feels to constantly be rebuilding themselves from the ashes of their former lives with scant foresight over which path to push forward on at the crossroads.

Moonlit Night is now available to stream on YouTube.

Follow Joey Sherman on Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Paul M Cox soothes through sepia tones in his acoustic single, Silver and Gold

Silver and Gold is the first single from the UK singer-songwriter Paul M Cox’s hotly-anticipated 2022 album, Sunset Over Stillwater. It acoustically pulls together Bowie-Esque production, Waits-y lyricism and the vocal gravitas of Cohen. To melodiously entrancing effect.

The sepia-tinged acoustic serenade which bleeds nuances of blues and jazz in the instrumentals is a masterfully produced work that needed little more than Paul M Cox’s stellar songwriting capacities to draw you into the detailed narrative tapestry that is rich with poetic imagery.

The official lyric video premiered on October 7th. Check it out on YouTube and find out more on Paul M Cox’s official website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast