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Karyn Ann delivers arcane soul in style in her folk single, ‘Wasting Time’

The Portland-based soulstress, Karyn Ann, released her debut album in 2015; after her sophomore album released in 2018, she started to garner critical acclaim and international airplay for her effortlessly powerful vocals and the emotional depth of her lyricism.

Her latest single, Wasting Time, gracefully captures the collective anxiety around watching the sands of time slip while failing to keep hold of anything that brings intrinsic meaning. After we’ve all endured 18 months of lockdown to some degree, Wasting Time is the perfect playlist staple for anyone seeking a little compassion.

The Americana singer-songwriter’s ability to weave a narrative through emotion, poetry and arrestingly minimal melodies is almost unparalleled. We’re fairly certain that this won’t be the last time that Karyn Ann leaves us mesmerised by her almost arcane sense of soul.

Wasting Time is available to stream on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

The Far North makes compassion worth having with his debut album, Songs for Gentle Souls.

There are far too many things in this world that will tear away at the more affable side of mankind, but The Far North made compassion worth having with the release of their 2020 acoustic folk album, Songs for Gentle Souls.

The standout single, Branches, is a blues-folk serenade that all too efficaciously pulls you into the shimmering accordance of the minimalist soundscape that the 70s style folk-rock vocals soulfully resound within.

While you’d be forgiven for thinking that this sound manifested in Mississippi, The Far North is the solo project of singer-songwriter and guitarist Lee Wylding, hailing from Chester, England. His ethos as an artist is rooted in the roots of folk; his commitment to ensuring every lyric resonates shines through in Branches. We can’t wait to hear more from The Far North.

The Far North’s debut album is available to stream in full on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Janae Genna takes us ‘Down the Creek’ with her artful folk single featuring Alex Johnston.

Janae Genna

Down the Creek is the latest single to be released by the conceptually expressive singer-songwriter Janae Genna, featuring vocals from Alex Johnston. It was co-written by Janae Genna and Justin Brittain as part of the score for the film, Here Now. The accordant lullaby starts archetypally before the folksy single takes on an eerier tone, progressing almost in the same way as the cult-hit folk film Midsommar – before all the gore.`

Janae Genna’s and Alex Johnston’s layered harmonies give the otherwise minimalist soundscape a panoramically dynamic feel but as the single gears towards the outro, an uneasiness nestles into the release. The sense of anticipation it leaves you with could only be described as immense. You come to expect an ending akin to Nick Cave’s Where the Wild Roses Grow, you’re left with a foreboding unknown.

Check out Janae Genna on Instagram and YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Take Me Home Tonight: Remember Monday thrive tremendously with quality cover of Queen’s classic ‘Fat Bottomed Girls’

With their distinctively classy harmonies which cleverly seem to flip grumpy frowns into happy smiles like a tasty pancake does, Remember Monday are absolutely marvelous on the amazing cover for Queen’s massive hit single from 1978 named ‘Fat Bottomed Girls‘.

Remember Monday is an acoustic folk/pop/country trio from the beautiful part of South East of England. They join forces rather sweetly to bring out music that has your heart riveted and thoroughly captivated, by their fantastic vocal abilities as a team.

They focus heavily on intricate group harmonies whilst always showcasing their strong individual vocals. Their gigging highlights include playing C2C Festival at the O2 London, opening the very first Dixie Fields Festival, and performing their original song ‘Jailbreaker‘ in the quarter finals of The Voice UK.” ~ Remember Monday

With a joyfully pleasing sound and a true sense of togetherness – you get the feeling that you are listening to something of the highest quality – with ravishing vocals that has your heart feeling so warm, after a horrific twelve months.

Fat Bottomed Girls‘ from thrilling English three-piece country/pop/folk group Remember Monday, got the approval of Brian May himself and you can see why. This is a special display and sung with such style and grace from this upcoming trio who are much-loved all over the world. The sky is the only limit for this outstanding group.

Stream this terrific new single on Spotify and see more on their growing IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

D Boone Pittman paints a panoramic picture of romantic disparity in ‘She Likes the Beach’

‘She Likes the Beach’ is just one of the instantly immersive bluegrass singles taken from country-folk singer-songwriter D Boone Pittman’s debut album, Emerge.

The 10-track straight from the soul album pays a fitting ode to the storytelling roots of folk. As the acoustic bluegrass chords lay out the welcome mat, Pittman paints a panoramic picture of romantic disparity with his endlessly magnetic vocals as he expresses his frustration at being with someone that you can’t quite see eye to eye with but you end up in a situationship regardless.

You can check out D Boone Pittman on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Kristyn McGuire sings with pride and joy on ‘Hometown Memories’

Soulful singer Kristyn McGuire sings with pride and joy on ‘Hometown Memories‘, a trip to those old times at home.

Kristyn McGuire is a 20 year old singer-songwriter raised in Columbus in Ohio and is currently going to school at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. This is a young singer who is finding her way in the world and is expressing herself on this brand new single. With a silky voice, she is a name to watch.

This song encompasses the themes of growing up and moving into a new chapter of life, which all include feelings of nostalgia, joy, hurt, and learning life lessons. This is the self-tilted single off the new EP and shows growth and I love the vocals here, the soundtrack is impeccable.

You need to hold your head up high and put the bad times behind you. Your hometown will always be there for you if you need her. Things happen for a reason and you can do what the winds and world take you. The memories of your hometown will always be there, forever.

This is a fine indie-folk song from Ohio’s Kristyn McGuire and ‘Hometown Memories‘ is very memorable from this young singer with a genuine style.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Blonde Lion has released their enrapturing ennui-laden Alt Folk single “Ordinary Day”

Folk-Pop singer-songwriter Blonde Lion released their latest single “Ordinary Day” on August 5th. Elliott Smith may not be with us anymore, but Blonde Lion’s melancholic style is just as efficacious at drawing pensive emotions from you and offering aural resolve.

Obviously, I didn’t make it to the end of Ordinary Day with dry eyes. The delicateness of the atmospheric and intricate acoustic instrumentals was one thing, the resonance in the lyrics was quite another.  Ordinary Days was inspired by the days where you wake up and struggle to find anything which offers any meaning. The jaded ennui was all too relatable and it’s safe to say that after the global lockdown, plenty more people will see themselves in this sublime soundscape which serves as the perfect introduction to Blonde Lion’s compelling style.

You can check out Blonde Lion’s latest release by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Rob Benny – Speak: Accordantly Arrestive Folk Pop

NYC Singer-songwriter and instrumentalist Rob Benny released their latest resonantly raw single “Speak” on May 13th. Anyone who appreciates soundscapes which ooze nostalgic appeal whilst simultaneously leaving you excited over finding fresh new talent won’t want to hang around hitting play.

It’s simple, it’s understated, yet, at the same time, it’s emotionally striking to the point where it feels like you’re battling with the melodies while they’re attempting to ensure that you don’t get to the outro dry-eyed.

With a similar lyrical style to Waits, Cohen and Elliott Smith, there’s a candid honesty to Speak. Hearing Rob Benny open up his soul leaves you feeling compelled to follow suit.

You can check out Speak for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Leeds based Indie singer-songwriter ‘Manuka’ spreads beautiful message on stunning single called ‘’Feel Your Love’’

‘’The deeper I go/the more I breathe’’. Some positive lyrics here from an incredibly talented & soulful musician. Just breathe and go for it, you will find many treasures for the heart, only when you just try and let go and love.

With ‘Gauri’ (her acoustic guitar) and ‘Daisy’ (her ukulele) right alongside for the ride, Leeds based ‘Manuka’ is an acoustic angel that has just made my day and will do the same for you. In an often gloomy world, this is exactly the type of music that should be on the radio, in shops, schools and turned up loud on the speakers. This is Love Folk music for the whole family. 

You can’t help but feel happy while listening to this multi-talented woman. Life is sweet with special souls like this. Watching ‘Manuka’ live must be a spiritual experience and this is exactly what I will be doing when gigs are back on. 

“My music is forever growing and changing based on the things and the people that inspire me. I feel therefore I create”.

If ‘Raveena’ from the US is ever in the UK on tour, choosing ‘Manuka’ as her opening act would be a smart move. Let’s enjoy this terrific single and take all the advice and just feel that good vibe. We are supposed to be happy. 

The world needs love. Feel your love here thanks to the lovely ‘Manuka’ on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Soulful Steve Schuster is back with united ”One Lonely Voice’

The soulful singer-songwriter from Westborough in Massachusetts, Steve Schuster, returns with his new song called ”One Lonely Voice”. This is a united message of speaking up if you have something positive to say and how we should all support this notion. One lonely voice can indeed change the world and its great that Steve has brought out this song during the highly challenging and stressful COVID-19 time.

I like this song for a variety of reasons and the main one is that it is so simple. You could teleport back to the 60’s and it wouldn’t be out of place in that era of game-changing music. This is ear-food for consumption that won’t make you sad but instead do the opposite and inspire you.

With a happy-soaked base, Seattle-born Steve Schuster’s strong lyrical content coupled with a rhythmic guitar riff & his vibrant voice, ensures that ”One Lonely Voice” should be treasured as one of 2020’s most uplifting theme tunes.

Stream more from Steve Schuster on his SoundCloud page and look inside for more fantastic music.

Review by Llewelyn Screen