Same old bitter winds: Burying Giants shields himself from the thunderous thunderstorms on ‘Change Your Mind’

Burying Giants by Burying Giants

Taken off his debut excellent eight-track release, Burying Giants returns with the self-reflective gem asking to be left alone for a while, as he recovers from more undesirable heartbreak on ‘Change Your Mind‘.

Burying Giants is the stunning solo indie-folk project from the multi-talented Rotherham, South Yorkshire-born, London-based Will Pope. He soothingly meshes that thoughtful type of music together into your beating heart, that is influenced from many years of travelling around the world for work, whilst looking for that elusive deep meaningful love connection.

He purifies himself from the burning catharsis buried deep inside his bones through his touching music, the swirling windstorm is mightily abrupt and blustery within his veins, as he seeks out that true healing that is so desperately needed.

Dealing with a shocking breakup can take a while to replenish yourself from and you feel his pulsating pain, as he sings with that deep underground type of tone, as he does his best to think positive and look to the future.

With a magnificent voice, he brilliantly reaches hard-to-fathom notes that puts you into a deeply emotional trance, as you strap on your goggles and go underwater again to remember about those sad memories you would rather forget but need to deal with, so you can fully heal up and be stronger again. Love is waiting around the corner if you choose to walk there.

Change Your Mind‘ from the wonderful Burying Giants, is that journey to finding peace in yourself, as overthinking what could of transpired only leads to more gloom inside your soul, which needs to smile and feel alive again.

Stream this incredible single on Bandcamp and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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