Marco Tamimi – Different Eyes: Indie Pop with a Pensive Punch

I will always have time for tortured artists on my playlists. Which is exactly why after I checked out Marco Tamimi’s debut track Different Eyes, there wasn’t a moments hesitation in adding him amongst the other poignantly posed artists such as Jacko Hooper, Paper Hawk, Tom Waits and Elliot Smith.

Even before the first verse runs though, you become consumed by the melancholy which is being projected into the mic. The instrumentals to the track are stripped back to allow Marco’s resonant, piercing vocals to really take the lead in Different Eyes.

As first singles go, you really couldn’t ask for any more. Marco Tamimi has brought something delectably fresh to the table, and now I’ve got quite the appetite for his quaint Pop-polished Acoustic Indie soundscapes. The narrative of Different Eyes is almost heart breaking, it’s evident that the track contains a piece of the emerging artists soul. Hopefully he’s got a lot more to give, because I’m already eagerly awaiting an album.

You can check out Different Eyes for yourself by heading over to Spotify now,

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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