Ryan Sutherland Sets A Brilliant Trap

The Rats in the Walls by ryan sutherland

Ryan Sutherland seems to have the ability to take familiar building blocks, folk, rock, jazz and blues and use them to build interesting new musical creations which are at once familiar yet totally unique. The Trap has a very folk feel to it, one that is a mercurial blend of the contemporary and the timeless, but there is something in the delivery which also nods to the jazz fraternity whilst winking to the rock brigade, is soaked in blues emotions and yet brims with enough melody and accessibility to even keep fans of more commercial endeavours happy.

Taken from last years The Rats In The Walls, it is a brilliant calling card for Sutherland’s ability to work across a wide range of genres but create a sound that is not only quintessentially his but remains cohesive across a full album of music. Nothing much is new under the sun, it is all about using what already exists and just fashioning it to your own musical vision, something that this New York troubadour does so seemingly effortlessly.

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