Reclaiming back independence: North London’s 705 re-brands and shows his new style on ‘TicTok’ (ft Atueyii & Baddiegirl)

North London, England based 705 has re-branded and shows his new style and independence away from record labels on the hot new single ‘TicTok‘ (ft Atueyii & Baddiegirl).

705 is a Nigerian Afrobeats Artist who has a style that you can’t help but like, he is charming, sings with such passion and this hits the spot just right.

Taken off the full album, ‘The 5th Element‘, this is a relaxing track all about love that features exciting artists with a nice flow, fun lyrics and a beat that keeps your toes happy.

You feel locked into something that doesn’t feel like you anymore. You need a fresh start to find your soul again and you make it through the stress of changing things up. This is better for you and you feel better again. Now, its time to have fun again and make the type of music that you feel proud of. A new chapter awaits.

“Music has been a sweet medicine in this life and to be able to share my passion is the true definition of living a dream.”- 705

North London’s 705 slides in with ‘TicTok‘ (ft Atueyii & Baddiegirl) and this is a song that has so many exciting elements and vocals that grab you close, you find yourself imagining being at a pool party with this turned all the way up. The International flavor is so fire and you won’t need hot sauce added to the meal here.

Click here for the Spotify page.

Here is the way to find out more on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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