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Stuck By Me: 705 sips on those gifts from Santa with the romantic groover Sade

Feeling the love so deeply as the world burns into rubble right before our very eyes, 705 shows the tenderness when we needed it most and gets the slow dancing happening on the dance floor with the excellent Sade.

705 is a Tottenham, London-based indie afrobeats artist who makes smooth music vibrations that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Soaking our souls in so much more that what the world is currently offering, 705 has created a niche that is rather hard to dislike and has assembled a memorable single to treasure.

Sade from Tottenham, London-based indie afrobeats solo artist 705 is a fine release that has been made with so much endearing innocence. Brimming with quiet confidence and thriving with a vocal mastery that is second to none, this is a track that needs so much more love.

When you know who your ride-or-die is, your perspective shall change forever.

Listen up loud on Spotify and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Gone Crazy: Marlon Bianco drops groovy new single We Once Knew

Knowing deeply that he needs to dive away from the trauma and madness to enter a new galaxy with so much excitement, Marlon Bianco senses that his mind has already drifted away into a happier place on We Once Knew.

Marlon Bianco is a North London, UK-based indie alternative singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who formulates anthem-like creations to stir the soul awake.

He started writing songs on his Roland keyboard toy, using just few simple chords and experimenting with electronic sounds. His first dark jazzy tunes were inspired by the long walks wondering the streets of an empty London. He is kind of a melancholic cyberpunk, who loves to live at night and to be surrounded by the city lights.” ~ Marlon Bianco

Displaying such class and poise when others are acting like somebody else, Marlon Bianco is in assertive form and is rather dynamic on this fine new release.

The album, “Life in Low-fi”, which mixes elements of psychedelic ballads, jazzy and electronic sounds, was recorded over 5 days at the Ovo Studio in Margate (October 2020), where Marlon had the freedom to play and explore different instruments, drumbeats and moogs.” ~ Marlon Bianco

We Once Knew from North London, UK-based indie alternative singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Marlon Bianco is a true story all about staying sane in this rather odd time. Sung with so much meaning and mysterious elegance, this is a track to play loud when you need to be inspired again.

Knowing when you need help and doing something about it is always the wise path.

Listen to this new single on SoundCloud or follow more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

North London rockers Superbloom drop epic release about losing your grip on ‘Smile’

Teasing us with a splendidly-delivered single that has been dropped with their first full album on the way, Superbloom roar like hungry Lions ready for lunch with their exceptional new release, ‘Smile‘.

Superbloom is a North London-based indie alt-rock band who have decided that now was the time to release their hardest track yet.

Having previously been part of established acts that enjoyed global success, Robert and Sam have channelled their experience to develop an engaged social media following within 2 years of releasing their debut single, despite the challenges of launching during the pandemic.” ~ Superbloom

Descending into our terrified souls with a dominant single that will possibly blow your speakers off their delicate hinges, Superbloom shows us what quality music should sound like in 2022 with this incredible single that has been assembled with so much quality oozing with sensational exuberance.

This is the honest message – that so many of us can truly relate to – about going through the skeleton-like motions when once you were calm and going in the right direction, but have somehow been blown back to a haunted place that has you feeling rather concerned about where you are headed next.

Smile‘ from North London, UK-based indie alt-rock band Superbloom, is a full-blooded release that will have you sinking anchor, and vanquishing your addictions into the ground for good so that you may conquer anything you set your mind to. This track has so much power and precision from two underground legends of the game, who have made something rather special here.

Who says that rock music is dead anyway? That narrative is proven mightily foolish here, as this is a potent effort than will have you shaking with joyous enthusiasm.

Hear this new track on Soundcloud and find out what makes them tick on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

North London rapper BAYLEY skillfully unlocks all the doors on ‘DreamEasy’ (feat. Cassie Green)

With a candid harmonious aura that urges her to go for those dreams and not make the same mistakes he did, BAYLEY leads us into a world that is filled with hope on ‘DreamEasy(feat. Cassie Green).

BAYLEY is a North London, UK-based indie Hip hop artist, singer-songwriter and music producer who blends in his love for various genres to assemble something rather ear-tingling for us to enjoy.

Heavily influenced by Mac Miller, Drake, Dominic Fike and Aries, BAYLEY’s emotionally powerful lyrics and instrumentals, alongside his mellow and soulful voice create a diverse and cinematic soundscape.” ~ BAYLEY

After gaining the respect of the loyal underground music fans with his previous projects, BAYLEY returns with a crisp delivery on a tremendous track that has you grooving your whole body to the class on offer for our awaiting souls.

DreamEasy(feat. Cassie Green) from North London, UK-based indie rapper, singer-songwriter and music producer BAYLEY, is the story about hoping that this special individual may reach all of their dreams without being overly selfish, but certainly motivated for success. He raps with a barrage of smoothly-projected vigour that is such a fantastic listen, with a sensually-excellent feature from a superb vocalist who oozes an effortless class. This is such a thoughtful release that sends your mind into a reflective spin, with a likeable beat that seems to light up the mood to make sure that you don’t waste any talents that you have been born with.

Check out the YouTube audio and see his moves via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Glasgow-based Napalmz x Panashe flame the atmosphere up hot like they’re dragons with ‘Frosty’

Dropped as their debut single from their upcoming collab EP that has the streets on notice, Napalmz x Panashe rip up the script with a fine new single that will have you feeling all ‘Frosty‘.

Napalmz is a Glasgow-based indie rapper who is joined by the well-known Scotland-based Hip hop music producer and founder of Fusion Entertainment, the North London-born Panashe.

He aims to bridge the gap with the aim to put Glasgow on the map as a well-respected music scene.” ~ Panashe

Panashe and Napalmz combine so fluidly on a new track that has you automatically turning the volume all the way up to full, as you sink your teeth into this absolute mood-boosting release with a real air of intent laced inside each second.

Frosty‘ from two motivated Scotland-based artists on a mission to get to the top of the game, Napalmz x Panashe, is one of those speaker-bursting singles that sends you into the world that they are inside. With sharp raps, a laser-focus production, and a sense that you are listening to something rather excellent – this is a track to play on repeat – when you need to remember what it takes to really win at life as you intrinsically sense that the chips are down and others have counted you out.

Listen to this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Hope You Stay: North London’s 3000Wavier sings glowingly about the pretty girl from ‘Barcelona’

With his next hot album ‘Mega Drive III‘ getting that extra shine and almost ready to be seen by millions, 3000Wavier continues his upward ride to worldwide fame with a song that will have you smiling for days called ‘Barcelona‘.

Wavier aka 3000Wavier, is a dashing North London-based indie Latino singer-songwriter, who makes that happy type of music that has you putting your clean sunglasses on swiftly and heading away from the gloom, as you cruise into those fresh beaches overseas to meet your dream girl.

He sings with that daydreaming attitude, after being on the tough streets around he knows that he can’t be there for too much longer. The goals is alive inside, as he imagines her flowing long hair, cute smile and tanned skin. He wants her to stay and never leave his side as he is besotted by the idea of being with her and going for adventures all over, without worrying about anything else.

Barcelona‘ from the fast-rising North London singer-songwriter 3000Wavier, is that soothing song that is best listened to on the beach with a tasty beverage ready to be consumed. He sings with that crisply tuned vibe that lets you know that he will reach his dreams, as she waits for him eagerly on the beautiful beach in sunny Spain.

Stream this saucy new single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Toby Charlesworth – To Say Goodbye: Organically Raw Indie Acoustic Folk

North London’s Toby Charlesworth followed on from his 2021 successful debut EP with the release of the captivating indie-folk single, ‘To Say Goodbye’. The 23-year-old singer-songwriter uses music to express what words alone cannot; To Say Goodbye is the perfect testament of his expressive talent.

With the same tender tender lyricism as Tom Odell paired with Charlesworth’s vocals where nothing is dramatic, prosaic or forced, every note is organically raw as he laments on ‘a beauty he used to know’.

The single perfectly captures all of those self-deprecating thoughts that come to fruition after saying a goodbye that we never wanted to say. It’s the kind of track that can leave you in a daze as the lyrics force you to contemplate your losses and find gratitude for the ones that are still around.

To Say Goodbye is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

That Top Shelf Feel: North London emcee A STAR drops tremendous ten track album called ‘Samples’

Sparking up that tasty cali with a quality rolled release that settles your nerves from these wild times, A STAR expertly smashes those bars real hard, on the new gritty ten-track album that gives you hope about UK Hip-Hop again with ‘Samples‘.

A STAR is a fast-rising North London emcee with so much fire in his raw rhymes, his street stories about how he sees life is so relevant, in a strange world where there is so much divisiveness and confusion instead of just peace and love.

Its a happy night when all of your team make it home. This is an example of a wild story that tells you all you need to know about his current mindset and this is a striking insight into how things really are, away from what the often watered-down television says.

The particular highlights are definitely ‘Candle Light‘, ‘Smoke In The Air(feat. Big Sam) and ‘Squad Goals‘. He swarms the mic with realness that will have you astonished — the busty beats seem to mesh like code on a crisp website — his admirable loyalty to his true family is noticeable, as his wordplay is wizardry-like and on a rare level of self-aware enlightenment.

Samples‘ from North London rapper A STAR, flows through your mind due to his top shelf lyrical delivery that has you bouncing your head and tapping your feet in adulation. In a genre where there is so much competition and artists come and go so quickly, he has claimed his spot right at the top of the underground where the best are at.

Stream this fire new album on Spotify and check out the visuals on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Where To Go: North London’s RahThatsMad and F.R.E.Y.A navigate the wild world of new age dating on the stunning ‘I Don’t Know’

As they try and work out the best way to proceed with a quick-swipe world before them, RahThatsMad and F.R.E.Y.A show us how unnecessarily confusing people can be for no reason on ‘I Don’t Know‘.

RahThatsMad is a talented hip-hop artist and songwriter based in North London, who makes music that shows us his relaxed style to life and his determination to make something of his talents. He joins forces with his best friend F.R.E.Y.A, a soulful London-based RnB/pop singer/student, who performs with a free spirited style, a smile on her face and a sweet style that shows us her wonderful spirit, that flows beautifully into this catchy track.

His raps are confident and honest, mixed with a catchy beat that has you listening closely. When you then have a supremely honey-tipped vocalist added in, who sings about how some people are full of stories and no facts — all becomes cleared up in your heart and the mixture is tremendously satisfying to the music palate within — that yearns for more soundscapes like this.

The modern dating world is tough at the best of times, as this excellent songs relates to so many that go through this when they are brave enough to take the chance, rather than meeting someone through mutual friends. The rush and excitement seeps into your mind to ultimate temptation at times, if you let it inside you. Some people talk in riddles, as you just want clarity, so you know what’s going on, without being placed in a puzzle you would rather not be involved in.

I Don’t Know‘ from London rapper RahThatsMad and vocalist F.R.E.Y.A, is a true look into the story of modern life, as we are told to look into a dark world with so many undesirable corners, when that old school spontaneous meeting is actually the best remedy after all.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see their journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Move slow, die young: Sixsense drops soul-moving street story classic ‘Shylock’

Sixsense is back with his 3rd single called ‘Shylock‘ and this is a deeply crafted track that will have you feeling suddenly reflective. You feel this real life song stop you in your tracks with its real flow, that speaks of true stories of growing up in a cold world.

Sixsense is a North London-based emcee who raps with that old school flow consciousness and speaks about his experiences, as his opens up the curtains- to show how life is currently in this covid-stricken world.

When he spits, you listen. Influenced by true storytellers like Nas, J. Cole and Loyle Carner, you feel that he is a young man who puts everything he has, into every line penned from his profoundly brilliant brain.

Shylock‘ from North London fast-emerging Hip-Hop artist Sixsense, is that soul-moving track you put on when you feel you have been around too much fakeness, for one day and need to wake up to the realness again. With stories about life in the tough streets, dealing with former friends that have let him down, the pursuit of love and finding his path in this detour-filled world, this is a powerful track that will have you thinking deeply about life.

With a heartfelt song that shows immense potential, you hope that he walks down the right road to fulfilling all his deepest dreams and desires. This is that A-grade music that actually matters and inspires the lost souls.

Get your mind interlocked to quality rhymes of substance via the excellent video (visuals by Kaylo) on YouTube, Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen