R&B and Soul Duo The PRVLG Announce Release of Debut Single ‘What You’re Missing’

The PRVLG, twin brothers Christian and Christopher Underwood, gloriously use synthesizers to produce retro soul music, putting the funk back into pop music. Musically accomplished, the dynamic duo creates a sound that is a blast from the past, producing tunes that you can easily groove to. Predominantly derived from soul, “What You’re Missing” bellows the sound of love, reminding us of the groovy 60’s in today’s modern 21st Century. The PRVLG takes inspiration from this era and transform modern day music whilst preserving the authenticity of love.

The whole of “What You’re Missing” feels like a seduction, where inviting guitar begins the melody with an appealing persona, followed by an alluring introduction from the synthesizer, and once the charming vocals commence, so does the fascination. There is a close connection between the Underwood brothers, which is demonstrated in their performance. The ability to convey an emotional attachment is established in “What You’re Missing” and is what is so promising about the track. There is no hesitation throughout the lyrics, and continuously The PRVLG carry across what they want their music to represent, and that is constant love, whether it be sexual, romantic or unconditional.

-Aly Mchugh

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