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Looking for that second chance: Mississippi’s Lxyne misses that special soul who made him feel alive on ‘Caught Up’

Missing that deep love he really craves to be truly happy again, Lxyne is sensational on his new single called ‘Caught Up‘.

Lxyne is a Lucedale, Mississippi, USA-based r&b/hip artist who formulates that contemplative music, which sparks your mind on and has you unraveling those emotions that are holding you back in life.

This is the chronicle about a past relationship that was so strong and made you alive, despite the ups and downs that occurred during the exhilarating journey. They were there for you when no one else was and you appreciate that so much. Things then got twisted but you are past that now and just want to move on from what kept you apart, to be happy again and start fresh, side by side.

His striking voice sparks your attention as the sumptuous beat has you hooked instantly, you fall for the mellow ride and lock into the story as you recall when this happened to you. Most of the time the second chance either didn’t happen at all or work out, you hope that this one will be different as if two souls connect so tight, surely that bond can never be broken.

Caught Up‘ from Mississippi hip-hop/r&b artist Lxyne, is a thoughtful song about that person that you really want to be with, as you delve into the past and hope that you can be together again. With a loving tone, you feel that he will take his time to build the bond strong again, his soothing voice illuminating from the top of the mountain, as he sings with so much meaning.

Hear this top track on Spotify and see his visuals on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Its okay to talk about it: J0VANNA puts her heart and soul into inspirational story of extinguishing mental health demons to help others on ‘Brain On Fire’

Powered by Funky Indigo Entertainment, the sensational J0VANNA is absolutely breathtaking on the personal ‘Brain On Fire‘, that shows us that its okay to ask for help, when you feel like you are sinking in your own mind.

Motivational Pembroke Pines, Florida-based r&b/soul singer-songwriter, spiritual badass and Berklee Music Business student J0VANNA, makes that meaningful music that took so much strength to release to the world, as he puts her feelings on paper to help others through her own struggles with anxiety, depression and OCD, when she was an impressionable young teen. She sings with honest passion guide others that are dealing with this right now, as he is a caring individual that truly believes that through this wonderful art, healing is waiting for us all if we ask for help.

Her voice is so spectacular and she sings with that inner desire that lifts your mind to overcoming your own demons. The heights here are angelic, her vocals so high but effortlessly delivered, with amazing class that impresses mightily.

Brain On Fire‘ from the dynamically talented and sweet soul J0VANNA, is an ode to the future and trying to cool down the heat-filled mind, that is overstimulated and needs to replenish the cooling mechanisms inside, to soar above in the clouds again.

She isn’t hiding away and if anything, her voice is on fire. She has bravely walked outside to send a must-hear message of unity with a life-changing story of breaking those shackles and walking free.

Hear this inspiring single on Spotify and see her story to the top on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Only for the real: Birmingham singer Pavit Sanghera doesn’t want that ‘Fake Love’ on superb new single

Telling it how she truly feels, Pavit Sanghera sings so beautifully about what her heart really wants on ‘Fake Love‘.

Pavit Sanghera is a honey-tipped voiced soulfully real indie r&b/soul/Indian classically trained singer-songwriter from Birmingham in England. She sings marvelously with that inspiring honest feel, her captivating vocals rise above the tempting fake doors around you, as she affectionately leads you into the authentic energy that adds value to your mind long-term, whilst masterfully shutting out all of the unnecessary noise that just distracts you from where you need to be in your life.

She adds in her glorious Punjabi singing to blend such a tasty treat together for us to consume hungrily, as we think about those times we were with the wrong person for us completely, as we let our bodies decide, rather than our hearts. Her truthful story is sung with a loving touch, experiences interwoven into her caring nature, as she is a strong woman who is teaching us the right ways through her lovely music.

Fake Love‘ from the wonderful Birmingham, UK singer Pavit Sanghera, is that true story about how love gets cloudy sometimes between what your body feels is right and what your heart truly desires. Feeding your heart leads your soul into being full as ultimately, you want to be fulfilled in life where it counts.

Stream this sensational new single on Spotify, YouTube and see her honest stories on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Feeling like yourself again: Sara Lina is soulfully honest on her sensational second single ‘Ever Since You Left’

With a transfixing tone that fills your deepest soul with that special goodness just like a flick of the switch, Sara Lina is absolutely breathtaking on her latest single called ‘Ever Since You Left‘.

Sara Lina is a radiant r&b/soul singer-songwriter from Los Angeles in California. She sings consciously from within and makes that heart-stopping music that you feel so intensely, in every part of your mind, body and soul.

We are swept into this true story about how love hooks you like a catchy cigarette, only for it to end suddenly and you feel like you weren’t the same person during this time. After further introspection, you were unfairly led astray under a confusing spell that you had your brain in twisty knots for a while.

Her vibrant voice is such a spectacular listen as she breaks loose from this now-distant relationship, with a bounce in her step. The stunning vocals transmits an aura of moving on swiftly-while happily smashing his lonely guitar on the way out-as a sign that you don’t want any further memories of this traumatic experience, to ever sour your milk again.

Ever Since You Left‘ from special LA-based indie r&b/soul musician Sara Lina, is that dazzling beacon of light that gleams the darkness off this strange world, her sparkling voice is so incredibly alluring, that your battered heart stops for fleeting moments to replenish, as her stunningly pure delivery is such a welcome rarity that you can’t ever forget her.

That feeling of relief when a toxic relationship ends is one that you only know if you have truly been inside this messy dust storm. You feel like you wasted your time and can’t understand why you cared so much for an undesirable heart that you once naively wanted. The truth is, you have gone down this dizzying road to learn about yourself and now you know which path to take.

See this incredible video on YouTube, hear the audio on Spotify and see more on her exciting IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Donovan Lowe – Feel The Same: Contemporary Urban R&B

All you 6lack and Frank Ocean fans (and I know you are legions) gather round. The Bay Area R&B recording artist Donovan Lowe has a juicy suggestion for your “Sadboi” playlist.

“Feel The Same” (featuring Young Al) has such a bizarre production, this a leftfield take on today’s R&B, presenting a more dangerous, wilder side of contemporary urban music, just like The Weeknd did in his first trilogy. The production of this thing is a gun; when listening on headphones you are being bombarded by this sarcastic beat from left and right.

This artist has all the potential to blow up any time. This is cutting-edge music, without any unnecessary technical blah-blahs, it is short and to the point. And there’s a wide market to feast upon it. Even though the impression one might get from Donovan’s appearance could be he is leaning towards a more old-school R&B thing, like Anthony Hamilton. However, this is so 2019-2020 music.

“Feel the Same” (featuring Young Al) is included in Donovan Lowe debut EP called “Loving U In Secret”. Stream it the song

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis

Terrence turk Robinson – Hold On: Soulfully Composed R&B Trap

Christian & Gospel singer-songwriter Terrence turk Robinson has recently released their second single “Hold On (To His Word)”. And it’s safe to say that I’ve never a heard a more soulful contemporary R&B-laced Trap track.

Whatever your religious leanings, Terrence turk Robinson’s soulful magnetism won’t fail to resonate when you hit play on their good vibe hits which have been orchestrated to strengthen faith. Nick Cave once said that atheists could never make good songwriters, after listening to Hold On, I may just be inclined to agree with him.

Sure, the harmonic vocals are pleasing, and the beats contain plenty of lush hooks, but the intrinsically enamouring soulful sentiment in Hold On is what really allows this track to hit hard.

You can check out Terrence turk Robinson’s latest single Hold On for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Ze-LuJ – Phone: Authentically Expressive R&B Soul

“Phone” is just one of the recently released singles from up and coming R&B Soul artist Ze-LuJ which you’ll want to turn your attention to if you’re always on the hunt for authentically expressive aural experiences which come with a potent serving of rhythmic catharsis.

The production may not be the smoothest in Phone, but it’s clear that Ze-LuJ is an artist with the ability to construct soundscapes which can leave you well and truly immersed through the perfect combination of soft melodies and naturally magnetic vocals.

You can check out Ze-LuJ’s single Phone along with a smorgasbord of their other soulfully sweet singles by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

 DNigel Feat-Drakes – Forever You: Lucidly Soothing Ambient Hip Hop

Washington, US-Based artist and producer DNigel has recently dropped their most ambiently immersive single yet “Forever You” featuring Drakes.

It may only be a short and sweet lucid offering of wavy downtempo R&B-infused Hip Hop, but it’s still extremely efficacious at drawing you into the resonantly soothing reverb-laden lush mix. The female vocals ethereally hover atop of the tentatively captivating instrumental progressions in perfect synergy.

I can’t say that I’ve encountered many soundscapes which manage to simultaneously resonate as soulful and haunting. But what I am unequivocally sure of is that DNigel has a deft mastery over the production of smooth and sonorous urban tracks.

You can check out Forever You for yourselves by heading over to Reverb Nation now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Fitch Means – “Millions” ft. King BreZe: Soulfully Fresh R&B

R&B Soul artist Fitch Means dropped their latest single “Millions” on July 27th, and it’s already well on its way to becoming a viral hit.

With Millions, Fitch Means found the perfect balance between offering an accessible soundscape and treating the listener to an indisputably fresh contemporary aural experience.

With elements of Pop, R&B, and Hip Hop all weaved into the vibrant up-vibe multi-layered mix, Fitch Means definitely didn’t fail to stamp down their signature sound with Millions; and the charisma practically drips from it.

Even though Fitch Means is more than capable of holding his own with the harmonic versing, he brought in King BreZe to ensure that Millions was as unforgettably dynamic as possible.

You can check out the official music video to Millions for yourselves by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

DEA – Summer Lovin’: Hazily Nostalgic RnB Hip Hop Vibes

Up and coming R&B Hip Hop artist DEA dropped their latest track “Summer Lovin’ on August 31st in collaboration with producer June Seasonz. Together they created an unforgettable track which practically drips hazily nostalgic sun-soaked vibes.

We may have heard a fair few Summer R&B Hip Hop hits this year, but very few offer such immediate and cathartic soulful resonance from the first hit. The downtempo beats are as melodic as they come and DEA’s captivating vocals didn’t fail to pull you further into the sticky-sweet evocative mix.

Summer may over, but that shouldn’t stop you placing DEA on your radar and getting excited about what is to come.

You can check out the official music video to DEA’s latest single Summer Lovin for yourselves by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast