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Not The Kind You Know: GUNTER knows that the time is up inside La La Land

With his much-awaited new double album, Nightmares + Daydreams on the way in a few days, GUNTER realizes that the moment is now as he looks to veer far away from a checked-out world on La La Land.

GUNTER is a Memphis, Tennessee-based indie pop singer-songwriter and music producer who makes those inspirational anthems the world can embrace with grace.

Freeing himself rather far from the bad habits which almost took his soul, GUNTER moves out from inside his own head and flies so bravely, looking for a new place to call home. With soothing vocals that take our breath away with each listen, it’s hard not to truly get wrapped inside this terrific single.

La La Land from Memphis, Tennessee-based indie pop singer-songwriter and music producer GUNTER shall be the change many cores need after much inner turmoil. Sung with so much genuine honesty and sizzling with fixating flair at each juncture, surely many spirits shall be replenished after soaking in this.

When you feel like change is needed after many self-reflective chats to oneself in the mirror, it’s time to move on.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Memphis-based Subtle Citizen wonders where she went to on ‘Ghost’

With an unmistakably catchy start that gets you into the mood to dance with, Subtle Citizen tells us the story about that soul that just vanished away like a cute ‘Ghost‘ in the distance.

Subtle Citizen is a Memphis, Tennessee-based indie-rock/pop band who make a quality blend of music that has you clicking your fingers and singing along.

Soothing our senses with a delightful track that is made with a real insight into a moment that will never be forgotten, Subtle Citizen captures our attention with a fine new single – that will have your heart beating – as you bring your mind back to that moment when that future lover, flew away before you got to really know them.

Ghost‘ from the Memphis, Tennessee-based indie-rock/pop act Subtle Citizen, is the story all about falling for someone who perhaps isn’t quite there as you want them to be. With one side keen and the other indifferent, you get the sense that this will end up in unfortunate heartbreak for one party. Sung with a mature vocal ambience that is rather smooth and with a beat that reminds you of happier times – this is a single for anyone who has had their soul crushed – by a wondering heart who isn’t quite sure where they are currently.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Those Skies Above: Memphis band Dream Crusher Hope Smasher look to the heavens for inspiration on ‘Grey Foxes’

Vertebrate Moves by Dream Crusher Hope Smasher

Taken off their engrossing 5-track EP which has been bone-chillingly named Vertebrate Moves, Dream Crusher Hope Smasher are quite absorbing on their remember-this-day new single called ‘Grey Foxes‘.

Dream Crusher Hope Smasher is a high-octane synth-rock band performing with a real purpose, who is from Memphis, Tennessee.

A mash-up of misadventure, mid-life crisis and potentially credit score lowering musical algorithms, Dream Crusher Hope Smasher is the sum of its parts.” ~ Dream Crusher Hope Smasher

You feel the insides of your awaiting core take you to a place you couldn’t have expected before, as the flourishing vocals are so crisply toned like a toasted sandwich made just right. The saucy soundscape has been made with just the right flavour too, as you feel a sudden warmth wrap all over you to help you build up the previously lost energy.

Grey Foxes‘ from the Memphis, Tennessee-based indie synth-rock act Dream Crusher Hope Smasher, is a thrilling experience that is all about making it through whatever struggles you are going through. You can either sit back and let everything go through you or take a step forward to reach those goals you have set for yourself. This is a movie-type soundtrack that has been made with such elegance that it shines through all over your awaiting soul to embrace lovingly, just as those great songs do.

Hear this fine new single via Bandcamp and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Money Mission: Tennessee’s Mystro Pope turns on the ‘Power’ (ft. Loc Sleepy) with ferocious accuracy

With a flow that dives straight into the hip-hop waters of honest flows and stories that feel like a movie, Mystro Pope signals his intent with the hard-edged new single named ‘Power‘ (ft. Loc Sleepy).

Self-motivated Memphis, Tennessee-based rapper Mystro Pope, is a hip-hop artist with that paper-first mentality, who makes music that reflects his one track mindset to be successful, whilst making releases that simmer hot in the streets unforgiving kitchen.

Produced by the strong bass sounds of T-Head, this is a massive statement of starting fresh with a new and loyal crew, far away from the cowards of before. He chases the elusive-to-some money bag with three pointers all over the place, as he shoots his way to that top echelon rap mansion that has all the honey you can eat, avoiding the tempting traps like in snakes and ladders.

His voice lets you know that he is for real and with a top feature from a fellow like-minded street DNA rapper, these two up the volume on a track that is a welcome addition when there is way too many soft-as-ice-cream singles in this genre that add very little value to the world. This is that real talk marauding crew song that lifts you off your chair and finds you searching for more like it.

Power‘ (ft. Loc Sleepy) from the strong-willed Tennessee-based emcee Mystro Pope, busts a hole in your fragile speaker as he takes us for a ride through his street, to show us what needs to be done in order to be successful in this shark-infested world.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

He got the hookup: Beretta Biz slides in where he wants on ‘Like P’

Powered by Bro Life Music, Beretta Biz drives in with the top down real low on his entertaining new single called ‘Like P‘, which is taken off the new fourteen-track album ‘Moon Roof‘.

Beretta Biz is a flourishing South Philadelphia-based emcee who also spent time in the South via Memphis, Tennessee which only adds to his soulful deepness inside this talented artists bones. He makes that late-night groove music, that is what we all want after an evening out on the town.

With street stories about cruising around with his ladies and knowing where the fly spots are, he slides through the verses like a smooth professional, as his style is laid-back and straight to the point. With bags of charisma lathered all over his flow, he packs a load full of swag and confidence that you can feel all over each word he drops.

This is the tale of how he doesn’t get too stressed out about much until he sees some shady cats blink and shed their whiskers when they shouldn’t. He is an emcee that will bring the ladies as his style is max fly and fill the speakers up with that proper flow, that you can understand and puts lame mumble posers under the bus. This is a big boys game and here is a true OG that slides in where he wants to, as he is respected where he’s from.

Like P‘ from the South Philly emcee Beretta Biz, is a late-night cruise that hits all the right spots in the soul food department and further cements his name as one of the best around. When you have a flow like his, people take notice and just want to groove to these heavenly vibes all evening.

Stream this busty beat here on Spotify and see his style on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Doing things his way: Bryce Mattox drops intriguing debut music video that’s refreshingly ‘Different’

With his own way of doing things, Bryce Mattox shows everyone that you can be ‘Different‘ to the rest, if you really want to shine in life.

Bryce Mattox is a rising Memphis, Tennessee-based Hip-Hop artist who has a way of thinking that sets his apart from his peers. He likes to look outside of the box and create his own lane. With a flourishing flow that swerves around the doubters, he slides through the bars like a master chef chopping up dinner.

His delivery sweeps through the dust of the dull, as he raps with a huge smile and a big swing to get that hole in one. This is the story about believing in your abilities and not listening to the small-minded people that don’t want you to win. He has charm in abundance and this video showcases his undeniable talents, through his lens of exhilaration to be doing what he loves.

Different‘ from the likable young Memphis emcee Bryce Mattox, is that exciting new music video that brings a bounce to your step and a grin to your face. This is an exhilarating talent who raps with quick-fire charm and uses all of his skills to get his inspiring message across via a fresh track, that shows so much promise.

In a world full of artists that think you have to be like someone else to succeed, this is a heartfelt reminder that its so much better to do your own thing. The real ladies like an original thinker after all.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Living one day at a time: Memphis artist Imsorryzach drops rap track ‘Gemini’ to bring some flavour to 2020

The highly motivated Pop/Rap artist, producer, and engineer Imsorryzach from Memphis, Tennessee enters our galaxy on the party song with a regret filled tone added to twist the story on ‘Gemini’.

This is the adventure about having fun and doing what you want with your best friend as the night is still young. It’s been a wack year so keeping the circle small and tight has been necessary. The raps are new school and have the popular Post Malone type of delivery and beat to it. This is a fresh track that shows off the lucid skills of a rapper who has big goals. He wants to be up there with the best and feels like he can get there.

The music picture goes into small detail about knowing that you want to be with that special human but things are up and down for that relationship at the moment. One day they want you and the next they don’t. This is a common theme at the moment unfortunately as social media and dating apps have distorted our brains into the worrying compare mentality syndrome.

With a riveting beat and plenty of swag in the video, Imsorryzach shows us what he is made of on the quality ‘Gemini’. Life is full of ups and downs but he is a rapper on the rise who flows so smoothly and keeps it fresh like his stylish coat. Gemini’s are bright, quick-witted, and the proverbial life of the party after all.

Hear this party track via Spotify, see the music video on YouTube and see his adventures on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

R&B and Soul Duo The PRVLG Announce Release of Debut Single ‘What You’re Missing’

The PRVLG, twin brothers Christian and Christopher Underwood, gloriously use synthesizers to produce retro soul music, putting the funk back into pop music. Musically accomplished, the dynamic duo creates a sound that is a blast from the past, producing tunes that you can easily groove to. Predominantly derived from soul, “What You’re Missing” bellows the sound of love, reminding us of the groovy 60’s in today’s modern 21st Century. The PRVLG takes inspiration from this era and transform modern day music whilst preserving the authenticity of love.

The whole of “What You’re Missing” feels like a seduction, where inviting guitar begins the melody with an appealing persona, followed by an alluring introduction from the synthesizer, and once the charming vocals commence, so does the fascination. There is a close connection between the Underwood brothers, which is demonstrated in their performance. The ability to convey an emotional attachment is established in “What You’re Missing” and is what is so promising about the track. There is no hesitation throughout the lyrics, and continuously The PRVLG carry across what they want their music to represent, and that is constant love, whether it be sexual, romantic or unconditional.

-Aly Mchugh