Raven Grey – Tension: Concordantly Consuming Indie Pop


Straight from the prelude the tantalisingly melancholic notes from Raven Grey’s latest single “Tension” hit you. His Indie approach to Electro Pop is amongst one of the pioneering sounds I’ve had the pleasure of checking out this year.

The warmth of the vocal harmony hits you at the same time as the overwhelming concordance of the instrumental arrangements. The strength in Raven Grey’s vocals is one thing, his soulful approach to sound is quite another. A haunted alchemy spills from the Post Punk guitar progressions which echo beneath the harsh drum snares to create an ethereally arresting soundscape.

Tension is just the first instalment from Raven Grey’s upcoming EP “Comfort” through which he will explore the dynamics of disconnection between people. Listening to the intellectual approach behind the lyrics which address negative emotion in a new light is infinitely cathartic. Some artists create “feel good” music, whilst Raven challenges perceptions and uses lyricism to guide you into a more positive outlook on loss. If there were more artists with the same agenda, it’s safe to say the world would be a better place.

You can check out Raven Grey’s single Tension by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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